Japanese Baseball Game Experience in Tokyo, Japan

Good afternoon guys. Today is a bit of a special episode in the
sense that I’m not with Audrey. Audrey is off visiting a friend here in Tokyo,
Japan. And what I’m doing today is I’m heading over
to the metro station right now with a plan of traveling 4 stops to watch a baseball game
here in Tokyo. And I can’t wait to share the entire experience
with you because going to a baseball game in Japan is a pretty unique experience. Okay guys I’ve made it to Shanimatchi station
and now it is time for me to go pick up the tickets. Did I mention how hot and humid it is today. Like I am literally sweating bullets over
here. So I purchased these tickets online and instead
of picking up the tickets outside of the box office from the stadium I’m actually supposed
to pick them up at a local post office so I tracked it down on Google Maps and I’m just
going to go see if it actually works on not. I got my tickets guys. Just had to show my ID and what I did was
I basically just walked to the end of the Post Office. It is not in the main section it is in the
back. And what you do is you just go press this
little buzzer here and then an attendant will come help you. Make sure you bring your ID card. They did ask for that. So I showed them my drivers license and yeah
here are my tickets. That my friends is the sound of my burger
being ready. Oh la lah. Ho ho ho look at that thing of beauty. The double smoke shack. That is a double patty guys. Double amount of cheese and lots of bacon
on top. I am excited. Ho ho ho look at this. Oh that is so good. I am must going to put my camera down and
enjoy it. Guys that burger hit the spot and then some. So yeah I’m just finally walking over to the
stadium just like probably a five minute walk away. Something that I should mention that there
are two teams here in Tokyo. There are the Giants and there are the Swallows. And originally I wanted to go see the Giants. They are kind of the more famous team in Tokyo
but they were completely sold out. So I was actually lucky to even get Swallows
tickets because apparently in the summer games sell out really quickly. Finally made it. Jingu Stadium. So guys tonight we’ve got the Swallows versus
the Dragons. And the fans are basically directed to different
sides of the stadium so the Swallows fans would go to the first base side as you can
see over there on the left and fans of the Dragons would go to the third base side as
indicated on the right. Tokyo Yakult Swallows! Rising! That is the official slogan. Oh my gosh that kebab look so good and greasy. If only I hadn’t Shake Shack. Actually, I don’t regret having Shake Shack
what am I even saying. Guys you wouldn’t believe how many food trucks
I’m seeing here just outside of the stadium. Anyone who wants to come and watch some baseball
is definitely not going to go hungry. So I’m on a bit of a mission at the moment
to find an official team store but so far I’m just seeing these little like smaller
shops. There isn’t an official store that I can go
in and grab a cap which is what I’m considering to buy. So I was considering getting a hat guys but
if you take a look at the price tag over here which is 5,400 Yen you’re talking about $50
US bucks so I don’t think so. So a few fun facts before I head into the
stadium. Japanese Baseball League basically has 12
professional teams I believe. And the teams are not named after cities they
are named after companies. So the very first game we went to in Osaka
we watched the Hanshin Tigers and they are named after the Hanshin Electric Company. And sometimes there is multiple teams in some
of the big cities. For instance, in Tokyo there is two teams. In Osaka there is two teams. So yeah it is kind of interesting. It is a smaller league but the fans are super
passionate. If it is anything like the game we went to
in Osaka I’m going to be in for a real treat. I’m inside Jingu Stadium but before I sit
down and start watching the game I’ve got to show you the concession. Like the options here at Japanese baseball
games is incredible. Like the diversity of food that you can pick
up is just insane. Also the prices are really reasonable so let’s
go take a little bit of a tour of the concessions here at the stadium. You can get Bento boxes, you can get beer,
you can get noodles. Ramen and burgers as well. There is even KFC. Skewered sticks and here is some really timely
concessions items considering how hot it is you can get frozen ice. Different flavored frozen ice. Looks pretty good to me. The bento boxes just look awesome here. Especially the one on the far left. Burgers, rice and noodles and if other things
wasn’t enough you can even get a curry here. And for a reasonable price. Like 750 or 650 Yen is like 6 to 7 US dollars. That is insane value. Guys there is also pizza options and one of
the most interesting ones is the Teriyaki chicken for 400 Yen which is under 4 US dollars
and then you’ve also got the seafood Italiana also 400 Yen. So as you can see guys the food options look
absolutely legendary but I’m more thirsty than hungry right now so I think once I sit
down I may order myself a beer. I just found out I have a general admission
ticket and what that means is within the outfield section that I’m currently standing I can
sit anywhere I want but nowhere else within the stadium so this is one of the cheapest
options but I think it is great because there are so many people out here cheering and I
have unobstructed view of the entire field as well. (Chanting and cheering) Check out that. The backpack dispensing the beer. Easily one of the coolest things about baseball
here in Japan is that every player has a unique song for them. So when they come up to bat the crowd just
has this unique chant that is only for them and it just makes it so festive and so cool. (Chanting and cheering) So it took me a little bit of time to realize
this but I’m actually sitting in the away section. The Chunichi Dragons section. So this is the away team not the home team. The home team just hit a home run. Think I’m getting close to being ready for
a beer guys. Finally got that beer I was looking for guys
and it came to 500 Yen which is about four something US dollars. I’m using to paying double that maybe even
triple that for games in Canada or the US. So I think it is great value also it is over
30 degrees guys so an ice cold beer here at the baseball game is not just a luxury it
is a necessity. I think I’ll be ordering more than one tonight. That is some good stuff. And something I haven’t mentioned yet was
the price of the ticket. I paid 1,300 Yen which is approximately 12
US dollars. And I think that is an absolute steal. So far I’m loving the game. I’m loving the atmosphere and at that price
you can’t go wrong. (Chanting and cheering) Another fun fact about Japanese baseball that
is quite different from Major League Baseball is that there are ties. Yeah. If the game goes on past a certain amount
of innings and the score is still tied the game ends as a tie. That is pretty fascinating. Second beer in hand. What can I say it is a hot summer’s day. So it is four zip for the home team but I
have say the away crowd has not given up hope they are still cheering just as hard as when
the game first started. Something that took me a little while to notice
was that the different beer vendors are actually representing different beer companies. Hence the difference outfits, the different
colors and the different beer you can buy. But it is all priced at 500 Yen. I’m actually starting to get hungry so I’m
trying to decide what to get. Something I’m considering is a Teriyaki pizza
slice so I think I’m going to go check out the concession area and see what looks good. Think I’m going to try Teriyaki chicken. I have no idea if it is going to be any good
but let’s give it a shot. Here is the pizza slice guys from Pizza-La
Express. Teriyaki. Wow. That is pretty unique looking. Oh wow there is corn on there. Can you see that? Think I’m going to try to zoom into that. There we go. Do you see the corn? Oh my gosh. Okay time to try it. Mmmm. Oh wow. It doesn’t have a tomato sauce. It has kind of a mayo sauce. I don’t love it but the Teriyaki sauce is
kind of oddly tasty. Still don’t know what to think entirely but
it’ll do. It’ll do. Guys I can’t say I’ve ever had Coca Cola Peach
before. Time to give that a try. Coca cola peach. It has the original coke taste. Oh that is a really strange aftertaste. I can’t say I love it but I’m glad I tried
it. (Chanting and cheering) Final inning. The home team is winning 7 to 2. The Dragons were mounting a comeback but they
ran out of flames. They’ve got one last chance but I don’t think
they’re going to score 5 runs. There is a good chance that the Swallows are
going to win. Okay guys just a few final thoughts here from
the game. That was simply awesome. Going to a baseball game in Japan is a must. It is the number one spectator sport in the
country. The entertainment value is insane. Even if you’re not a baseball fan I’d highly
recommend going. The tickets are affordable, the food the concession
food is affordable and the entertainment value is incredible. The level of play is really high, the fans
get into it like I’ve never seen fans so passionate. So if you’re thinking of going to a baseball
game in Japan definitely do it and we’ll see you guys soon with more food and travel videos
from Japan. Ciao for now.

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