Jarod Lessar on BYUSN 2.25.20

“Better call Saul” came out, the season premier.>>BYU headed to the land of enchantment. Not the land of the enchanted once said by a president of the United States. And looking for the first win gex New Mexico. Dropped the first two against the lobos. How to beat New Mexico is BYU baseball pitcher Jared lesser.>>How are you guys?>>We are doing great as is your team. 5-3. Two losses to New Mexico. Cardiac cougs.>>It would be a lot easier if we could get it done in the fist couple of innings. It is nerve racking to score runs in the seventh, eight inning. Come from behind every time.>>If think you guys should have hurried up more. You could have watched the game more?>>Yeah. For sure. It was tough to miss that and all the excitement going on with the basketball team. We got to watch highlights.>>What makes you so good, able to rally and come back and win late?>>Team victories, at our lineup card, we have seven, eight guys to sub and pitch hit. Defensive substitutions. Pitchers throwing to one batter. Pitchers throwing four innings. It is really a team win and everybody coming together for the team and getting it done.>>The 14-inning marathon against Cal poly on Saturday night, what does a game like that for a pitching staff? How do you balance and manage that?>>I mean, the biggest thing for a pitching staff is who is next? Anybody who is struggling, guys get on, especially a close game, we have to hurry up and rotate the next guy out. We had position player getting to throw. Mitch Mcintyre, he threw an inning. Guys who threw the game before, the nine-inning game we lost 10-0, warming up, coom Mckeehan. It is all hands on deck. Who can throw a couple of pitches.>>I have been impressed by the freshmen.>>For sure.>>Especially against Oregon state. All freshman and got the win.>>Yeah, I mean, cold blooded. You have to have nerves of steel especially against Oregon state. Easily could be intimidated, a couple of guys making their debuts against Oregon state. Trust their stuff and get it done.>>Every win feels good, but which of the fine wins you piled up has been the best overall for the team?>>For me, I would say the Gonzaga game. Starting off the season with a conference opponent.>>Set the tone for hoops.>>Yeah. For sure. Even just like we came back from them. They threw a left-handed pitcher with a good changeup. As soon as we got him off, we grinded some at-bats, got him off the mound and took over.>>Let’s talk about you, 6’4″, 220, Utah state from eastern. What led you to come to Provo?>>Honestly, the coaching staff. When I came on visits and stuff they made me feel accepted. Being close to home. Being able for my family to see me play often and go back home and visit a little bit.>>Could you play wide receiver on the football team? 6’4″, 220. Jaren hall could play you some passes?>>No. Not anymore. My football days are over. Jordan — Jarod lessar on BYU sports nation. What makes you unique?>>A lot of young guys. We have three seniors and I mean all of us don’t feel like veterans because we are junior college transfers. This is my second year. For a lot of guys it is their second year, first year, a majority of our juniors just coming off a two-year mission. So they have only been back on the team for two years. It feels like everybody is really young and unique for us and gives us an opportunity for a lot of growth, a lot of guys get playing time and find their spot.>>What are your pitches and what is your best pitch?>>So, throw kind of a cut fastball. A spider curveball and kind of a changeup. I would say my best pitch is cut fastball and slider.>>Who influenced you as a pitcher growing up?>>Who influenced me?>>Pros, coaches?>>Honestly a pitcher I looked up to was a pitcher from my hometown, Brady Martinez, he was in the Yankees organization. He worked with me Paz — as a kid.>>I love going inside the mind of a pitcher. You have to have nerves of steel in high broish. Bases loaded, full count, two down, late inning, game is tied. What is happening in your mind?>>Just get the guy out, really. Just throw your best pitch, trust your stuff, trust the guys behind you. That is the biggest thing as a pitcher, being able to trust the defense behind you. If you miss a spot, guys are going to make play for you. So really just throw a strike.>>You have three appearances, BYU has won all three games. Should you play more?>>No. I trust the coaches, the game plan and everything they got. I did do a closing thing against Gonzaga, started against Oregon state, fourth game against Cal poly. When ever I’m called upon in whatever situation I want to be ready to go and help my team win.>>How do you approach that mentally. You are the early week starter?>>Yeah. Midweek. And the reliever. How do you approach this game I may be this and that game I may be that.>>It is all about preparation. If I’m getting ready for a start, I may not throw, get a bullpen in. If you are going into a closing situation, late reliever, reliever, weekend, keeping your arm fresh, getting long toss in and being engaged in the game and ready to go.>>Jarod lessar is more. Sorry.>>That is not the first time.>>What is the scouting report on how to get it done against the lobos?>>I would say get on their pitching early. That has been a little bit of a struggle so far. A little bit of hitting. Pitchers keep doing what we are doing, honestly. Keeping up, pounding the zone, working ahead of counts and just letting guys work for us behind us and get on their pitching early.>>Let’s give you BYU sports nation karma. It is good luck. Would you mind signing our flag?>>No. Awesome.

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  1. I am excited to see this team play, they are very young but they are learning to play from behind with the exception of UNM and Cal Poly game one DH. I too wish they would not always wait until the 7th and 8th innings to make the come back. I am hoping to go to next Tuesday's game against UVU iin Provo. GO COUGARS!!!

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