100 thoughts on “Jay Baruchel on Best Fighters in Hockey History

  1. Mel "The Mangler" Angelstad is regarded to be one of the best minor league enforcers of all time. Want proof? Just search up his name on here and you'll see. He fought Bob Probert and Reid Simpson in the Pre-Season in the same night once and did play two official games in the NHL with Washington but sadly didn't get a fight then. He also played in the CoHL, IHL, ECHL, AHL, and even the RHI. Many memorable fights with Andy Bezeau, Darcy Hordichuk, Serge Roberge etc. Now retired he is a firefighter in Fort McMurray who helped fight the devastating fire from last year. Mad respect for the one they call "The Mangler"

  2. Bob Probert, Georges Laraque & Tie Domi are easily in the top-5 for the greatest enforcers. Chris Nilan I'd put him somewhere in the top-10 but he definitely not the best enforcer of all-time.

  3. The best full out goon, probably Semenko or Dave Schultz. The best and or most feared fighter Behn Wilson. There have been a lot of tough guys. For pure goon fun, Steve Durbano or John Kordic. Now if he said who was the best wrestler in the 80s I would definitely say Chris Nilan

  4. Mel Angelstead is in this? I remember seeing him play a long time ago for a minor league team, Thunder Bay Thunder Cats, and he was pretty tough back then. Thunder Bay had some good teams in the United Hockey League back in the 90s.

  5. Everybody says hockey is the only sport that allows fighting to happen. Lacrosse is a sport guys. It's an awesome sport and what's funny is, most hockey players are just as good/even better lacrosse players. Anyway my point is, they stop and fight in lacrosse, just like hockey. Receive penalties as well….Stop sleeping on Lacrosse!

  6. if they ever reboot the weird al movie uhf…..jay could be cast as stanley the janitor cause hes ugly and kind of has that dumb look

  7. Bob Probert is considered the best.  Not only could he fight he had talent.  Even if he never had a fight he still would have made the NHL, he had talent.  The best pure fighter IMO was George Laraque, did he ever lose?

  8. I'm spending my whole day wathing interviews with Jay Baruchel so I can hear Hiccups voice. I CANT WAIT TILL HTTYD 3 IS IN THE CINEMA

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  11. Jay Baruchel giving the role of enforcer a long overdue pat on the back. Read the book GOON which is an autobiography and how the movie got its start.

  12. Baruchel is a monster Habs fan, and if I didn't already know that I would've after this interview. I mean come on, Knuckles Nilan was tough, but best ever? He's maybe Top 10, get real.

    If Probert isn't at least part of your answer to that question, you're just wrong…. and this is coming from a Leafs fan, no bias here.

  13. Most First Nations fighters were scary: Craig Berube, Gino Odjick, Stan Jonathan, Sandy McCarthy and Chris Simon.

  14. Mad Mel fought Bob Probert in the preseason and after the fight Mad Mel thanked Probert for fighting him.

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