Jaypro Multi-Purpose 3-1/2″ Volleyball Net System, PVB-1350

This is the PVB-1350 upright from Jaypro Sports. The 1350 is a three and a half inch diameter, all-aluminum upright. It is
relatively lightweight & the first thing you’ll notice about this net system or
this upright is that it’s one solid piece; it does not telescope. This net
system does meet NFHS specifications for high school play however is a little less
desirable for high school and college practice because the upright would stick up above the the net height and not is
desirable if you have a referee involved. The PVB-1350 has two sliding collars so
that’s how you adjust the net height there’s no telescoping mechanism; you
just simply loosen the lever and slide the collar up and down to the desired
net height and then there’s another collar at the bottom that will attach
the bottom of the net. The PVB-1350 will also accommodate recreational play for
tennis and badminton as you can just simply lower the collars all the way down and
there are special nets that you can use for indoor tennis and badminton play. The
PVB-1350 is a very cost-effective system, it’s very versatile, you can use it for
multiple sports, and again it does meet official high school specification. The PVB-1350 is an excellent choice for recreational play
as well as high school competitive play. It does meet NFHS specifications and
it’s a very very cost effective net system because you don’t have all the
moving parts of a telescoping upright. All in all a very good net system and a
great great value from Jaypro Sports

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