JJ Watt Crushes Home Runs at Astros batting practice

so did a lot was invited to many made
park to do some batting practice and he jiju what really concerns to the other
jackson’s too the astros part uh… he looked super
oppressive with his swing situation that units of politics one yet anne boleyn gray actually and he
obviously wendell holmes day uh… knocked on our that’s playable so the question of the comes a wouldn’t
change a lot catalonia and wanted to know uh… the astros uh… generally almost uh…
universities simply the worst team in baseball this year payal their highest paid players two point
five million dollar meltzer readers is more than houston makes more than they
used happier at and but no rust the is the
only yesterday tobacco money two and a half million dollars you’re looking
creek last night and uh… will that shows what credit
managers are aware of the delegates maxwell of saturday et al to their
second day looks over there where they were so uh… but that’s gonna be a
horrible thing yeah probably also impressive lacrosse and i
will get that is could you hear what mike like maybe they should sign up now the
d_h_ you you to hang with a budget deal of though it what what do you want to
ask all of them will throw in the brave you don’t get thirty five home runs he
hit one thirty eight an aged thirty-five altadena adam dunn is what you should be
worse right out of brushed aside smokers hang up and down without the
contact which is arguably right yeah of excel i don’t know the president
would you really quickly who would you like to see
and i guess you guys can discuss this in the comments section below as well who would you like to see china take it
at that but what actually would you like to see and also the brown i’d like to see i don’t actually know obviously dion did
it both stand and uh… both senators on projects and get it me who you like to see trying to get some creditable rinsing batting practice or
game sometime around five piano had uh…
server united football players to be in training a some sort of uh… litigating peterson bitsy would he could
do how you plan on the sport you know catch a sort of electric like that about
the concerning certainly contacted robert byrd uh… and like to see anthony’s by sentence curve that is posed for the bears that we have a
retired gather type of the republic seeker cousins turquoise negotiating to replace eatery

58 thoughts on “JJ Watt Crushes Home Runs at Astros batting practice

  1. That's awesome. Watt actually grew up only a few minutes away from me. I haven't met him personally but I know his story is really cool. He played tight end at Central Michigan (he was nowhere as big then) then transferred to Wisconsin but his first year there he was delivering pizzas. He finally got to play his junior year and eventually became one of the most badass players in the NFL.

  2. I was born and raised in Houston Texas and am sad to say that obviously we have the worst baseball team.

  3. At least Miami has Jose Fernandez, who is either 2nd or 3rd in ERA.
    Houston also has a worse record, and no player on the level of Jose.

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