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You just can’t work with Vikrant Dhawan. You have to earn it! So, Mr Goyal, you..uh.. I was saying that.. Now it is perfect! Oh sorry, you were saying? I was asking that what work did you do,
prior to this? Yes ma’am, before this I worked as
a government employee and then as a stand-up comedian Then my heart told me to do an actual job. Then which department
do you want to work in? Ya ma’am, that way I am very efficient,
I can do multitasking! Like if you make me an intern,
I can make the coffee. If you put me on the HR team,
I will help make the rangoli! If you add me to the accounts team then
I will make you a chuÖ I will make it and do as you say. I think I have a job for you. Ya ma’am… There is just a few things you need to
keep in mind to be Mr.Dhawan’s assistant. Few things?
-Yeah. Yes ma’am, this I can tackle in 1 hour. Shit man! The form is so bad this time. Oh! Sorry sir, actually..I am a..
-Shhhh! I know everything about you. A below average IIT-ian and
an above average stand-up comedian, an ardent devotee of cricket
and an aficionado of the PPL and it is cheerleaders. Sir who isn’t an aficionado..
I mean avocado of cheerleaders. Sir but I feel we should remove this
Roma chick from the cheerleader squad, she just dances to that one
Anil Kapoor song..ídina diní.. I mean sir, this stuff Anil Kapoor
himself isn’t doing! He also has shifted to dancing
to Gallan Goodiyaan. Sir, you do one thing, send me your
email id I will send you a profile of a Tik-Tok influencer Nagma
who is an amazing dancer… [email protected] Okay sir, please watch her videos. Shhh! Nobody!
Nobody, tells Vikrant Dhawan what to do. Sir! Sir till date I haven’t understood.. to why you big people address
yourself in third person? What confidence is this! Like I can never tell my wife that, Shh..
Vipul Goyal is going to buy coriander, hh..Vipul Goyal is going to complete the
KYC formalities, shh..Vipul Goyal will Vipul Goyal is going to shut up now. Sir, all night these players eat burgers
and pizzas, so he got out at the right time. Yes he got out right in time! Their team believes that their star batsman can deliver
62 in a 6 over session. But! They don’t know that,
I am writing the script for this match. Yes… The batsman will get out
on the fourth ball. Go all in,
on his wicket on the fourth ball. Hello?
Yes Dhansukh bhai! Listen, this Bangalore will get out
in 4 balls. Make mine 350. Sorry sir,
I also have a little bit of a side interest I’m shocked But here I only play small. Vikrant sir,
I want to do great things with you. You just can’t work with Vikrant Dhawan,
you have to earn it! Yaar, he is back talking
in the third person. First question. Who was the first match fixer
in Indian cricketing history? Sir, Lakha from the film Lagaan. If you were actually funny,
youíd be a judge on Comicstaan. Second question. Where do PPL players perform best? Sir, in advertisements. You know something Vipul?
You donít have a sense of humour. You have an absence of humour. Damn it! This wasn’t part of my script! My 350 is gone! Shit, my 350 is also gone! Crore So sir, what is the current rate of
this session? 70 in 6 overs Sir what if the batsman hits 2 sixes in
the next 2 balls instead of getting out? And the amount that you have
on the wicket, put double the amount on the Blitzers 70 runs. Tell the batsman I want 2 sixes
on the next 2 balls. Otherwise his PPL career is over. And please double on 70. Yes! Sir Yes! Sir, you did it sir. No, you did it You’ve earned it Mr. Goyal. Cheers Welcome to the word of Vikrant Dhawan. Where is the off button? It is not shutting. Sir..really…it is not the Bhaisaab you are thinking of Sir, this is my Lucknow sister’s Bhaisaab.
We’ve given 2 daughters to that house. Sir, he is a nice man, has completed
KYC…he is an LIC agent…sir.. Do you have life insurance? Yes sir, everyone should have that Let’s go get some fresh air on the terrace! No sir…It is all fine in here.. The doctor has told me to stay
in room temperature. Sir, if you’re feeling hot you can take off your shirt. I will close my eyes. Sir..

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