Jon Glaser Loves Gear – Glaser Loves Hockey

Hockey, one of
my favorite sports. (crowd cheering) I love the ritual
of puttin’ on the pads with the guys
in the locker room. Hallsy. Weiser. Skeets. Pilzy. Ding Dong. And of course, I love all that
sweet, sweet gear. That is awesome, man. That’s a hot combo–
I like the dark green and the yellow skate
guard’s pretty sweet. I had this idea where
I wanted to do a clear cup, and then I would cut this
section of my hockey pants out, and you’d see my dick
and balls in there, and it’d be all foggy,
you know, you’d catch a glimpse
every now and then, and then if it pressed
against the glass, and I kind of thought that might
give me an edge on the ice. You know, because of
my sweaty dick. “Hockey, skate hard,”
on the count of three. One, two, three. (all)
Hockey skate hard! (Jon)
After gearing up,
it’s time to hit the ice. I love all the grace, speed,
skill and physicality of hockey. (buzzer) Unfortunately, I don’t have much
of that grace, speed or skill, because I didn’t
learn how to skate until I was in my
late 30’s. I wish I was a little
better at hockey. But that hasn’t stopped me
from loving the game and loving
all the sweet gear, including putting a GoPro on
a puck for those cool shots! This is Martin… my amazing Czech
hockey player friend who taught me
how to skate. (buzzer) I called him down to the rink
because there was something I really
needed to ask him. Let me ask you this– this is
why I wanted to talk to you. Given that I never
learned to skate until I was in
my late 30’s… Yeah. Right? I feel like I got
up to speed pretty quickly on just general basic
skating, right? Uh… you were
learning it fast, there was– we were making
progress, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Now, given that, do you think
if I had taken up the game at, let’s say, five or
six or seven years old and started learning
to skate at that age… Yeah. …and became passionate
about the sport and just really kept at it,
and that became the number one sport and
that’s my main focus in life… All right. …could I have gone pro? Well, uh…

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