Julie Ryan: People of Babson

Fight and as the slip goes now you’re
going to come around make sure you keep contact with her so she can feel you
okay and you can be here like this with your stick and then that pass will go
and you can curl around here for that. Yes Quinn. Oh God, that passing is so good. Quinn! 14-4 So more communication especially on
defensive of like who you’re taking, who’s stepping up, what you’re doing. On attacks
too like the people outside we’re saying what goal you couldn’t go to which is
helpful but I think in there you guys have to have the presence. Everything you have done to this point
is going to make you feel really confident and prepared for tomorrow okay?
You’ve done all of the work. You are ready for this game. Okay let’s just step
up there put all our energy in the same direction okay let’s go Babo. Yeah Babo!

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