46 thoughts on “June 13, 2014 – Hockey Night in Canada (HNiC) – Playoff Closing Montage

  1. Rogers, you paid your billions. However, you have very huge shoes to fill now. Canada will be watching and scrutinizing you now. P.S. Congrats to the LA Kings. #gokingsgo #stanelycupchamps

  2. cant believe they didnt show a clip from columbus tying it late in game 4 then winning it, that was simply amazing. 

  3. as an american, cbc always did an amazing job with hnic and showing the best of hockey and was happy everytime they were on saturday night on nhl network. i know rogers wasnt the best network before but now that they have hnic and most of the games, im confident with the amount of money they paid they will keep it as much as the same and improve their network better. good luck rogers and thank you cbc you and tsn will be missed.

  4. Living in Michigan, I have been fortunate enough to be able to get CBC ever since I can I can remember and prefer it over NBC any day. I will be extremely disappointed when I won't be able to turn on CBC every saturday night for Hockey Night in Canada. HNIC's coverage, as well as awesome montages like this that define every hockey player's love for the game will be missed. Thank you, CBC!

  5. What an outstanding year of Hockey. Countries bond together, opposing players and fans come together spiritually, Teams square off in great up and down action. Congratz to the Kings, but nevertheless I commend the NHL and the TV broadcasters for such a great year, too bad its over for a while.

  6. Шикарный ролик! Спасибо, CBC. Почти весь плэй-офф и всю финальную серию смотрел по Вашим трансляциям. Молодцы, умеют канадцы показывать хоккей.

  7. This is what we're losing folks. Ya TSN and Rogers will put some good product on TV but nothing will ever be like our beloved Hockey Night In Canada on CBC. If you're approaching 50 like me, you remember when HNIC was the only show in town. You could hardly wait for Saturday night. This truly is the end of an era. Sure HNIC will be on next year for a final run but it will be stripped down and will not be part of the playoffs. I'm sad.

  8. CBC has done a terrific job with HNIC. Sad to see them go. Spotlight on Rogers to deliver more than a cheque. 

  9. I do not and will not watch anything on Sportsnet, everything they do is half assed, I think everyone should boy-cott Sportsnet and Roger's. I know I won't be tuning in anymore. Fuck Roger's and Fuck Stephen Harper

  10. That closing image of Ward Cornell sure makes feel old . Thank you CBC for all those great hockey broadcasts .

  11. I'll bet you CBC will cancel Rogers Hockey Night before it begins in October.  CTV will take over the coverage on Saturday night with Radio-Canada airing TVA produced broadcasts.

  12. American here… I seek out these CBC montages every playoff year because they are outstanding. The closing montages are always very special and moving and really puts the point on how hockey is produced and presented between the two nations. The music and the visuals always sync so perfectly, as if someone is putting concentrated effort into it. For that, I thank you CBC.

    CBC has always been a class act for many MANY years and I really do feel that there is an end to an era coming about. I don't know shit about broadcasting in Canada but from down here I think much will be lost. I don't know a Rogers from a Bell to a Tellus nor should I but I know I don't like the move.

    All I know is CBC has zero production control from here on out and that is a terrible thing. I'm afraid these great montages are going to die like Foster Hewitt and that is the real tragedy here.

  13. – Great song choice & great playoff montage as always! 🙂 It feels like the end of an era for CBC as Rogers takes over as national rights holder to NHL hockey broadcasting in Canada, but as long as Hockey Night In Canada remains on CBC, at least we know, like the ol' slogan once said, "The Tradition Continues" 🙂

    BTW, Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings on winning their 2nd Stanley Cup in 3 years! And you get the feeling they have more Cup runs left in them in Los Angeles…. 🙂

  14. Huge thanks to Looler27 for sharing this.  I wish the CBC would make their whole library of closing montages available, including Ron MacLean's final thoughts.

  15. Watch this video but with All these things that I've done – The Killers…with just the perfect timing it makes it more awesome.

  16. My brother came by for a beer and I was just starting to nod off on the couch. He jabbed me in the leg and said "You're gonna miss the last real HNiC?"

    I woke up and we watched. We both fought off tears as this montage played. God dammit, the CBC did hockey right – Rogers just doesn't.

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