76 thoughts on “June 15, 2015 – Hockey Night in Canada (HNiC) – Playoff Closing Montage

  1. One of the worst ever. The old montages made by Tim Thompson ( got fired for no reason) had something about them that made them a must watch. As usual, Rogers made us go to their Sportsnet cable channel to watch the player interviews, unlike past years when CBC showed everything. I'm hoping Rogers crumbles to the ground and TSN, CBC regain the rights.

  2. while most of the of opening montages were garbage this closing montage was actually good.  so long hockey season… GO HAWKS!

  3. Thanks for the uploads. Agree with the quality this year, but would still like to see all uploaded if you choose to go that route. Is it October yet?

  4. It's a good thing I watched mostly NBC's coverage of the playoffs. And I live in Canada. Go figure.

    The only time I watched CBC's lousy coverage was for goals and Coach's Corner. That's it.

  5. FIrst year in a long time I chose NBC over the CBC coverage for the game, but after cup was handed to the captain, switched over to CBC- I love the way they tell the story of each and every player who holds it- with little kids it makes it more meaningful.

  6. No doubt that the videos were not as good as in years past. I forgot that different people were doing these videos. It shows.

  7. agreed, Rogers has failed at the quality of their production. The playoff montages from past years were always something to look forward to.

  8. Nice viedo, but whoever made this video really hated on the Sens! Only shots include a quick shot of Hammond squirting water in his face, Stone getting slahed and Anderson and Prust slashing each other..
    I know they didn't go far but really?

  9. You guys are all complaining about the production…. The video looks good to all Blackhawks fans! haha

  10. We don't get CBC coverage here in the States. How much did Don Cherry rip on Brad Richards? Brad played a great series. Hope he stays a Blackhawk.

  11. This is the only 4 minutes each year, that a superb specimen of  a manly-man like me can cry. My buddies always wonder why I watch every potential closing game alone.

  12. – The video montage was great, but not too fussy about the choice of music. Tim Thompson's montages were always epic to watch! I guess we still have some getting used to as far as Rogers' coverage here in Canada goes. I watched a fair bit of NBC's playoff coverage too, Doc Emrick is one of the best!

    Uh, how exactly was Carey Price's save on Stamkos "Monumental" though, they still lost that series after…LOL 😉

    All told, the playoffs this spring were GREAT! As a Leaf fan, it was great to watch exciting playoff hockey after putting up with crappy Leafs hockey for so long. Congratulations to the Blackhawks on winning another Stanley Cup! Kinda fitting that Patrick Kane scored the last goal of the season; SHOWTIME arrived just in time for another Cup celebration for Chicago. 🙂

  13. Music just didn't seem the capture the intensity of the playoffs. Had more of a reflective or contemplative feeling to it, similar I imagine, to what goes through a player's mind in the moments leading up to a game or following a defeat. Good images, though.

  14. This video was the worse playoff montage because the playoffs as a whole were bad in compared to years past, NO HITS NO SCRAPS a few of the series were unwatchable I found myself changing the channel multiple matchups through, no physical play, no scrums no raw hatred it really was sad this year

  15. Not the best montage I've seen but not bad. Favourite had to be 2010, 2012, 2013…you know what I don't really have a favourite.

  16. Why this song? It's like they are playing it for a funeral. I want some jam music like in 2010 when it was "Tonight" by smashing pumpkin this song is just garbage and ruins the entire video

  17. Why can't Thehockeychannel or Neutralzone do this. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this, I almost fell asleep. Get CBC and TSN back like common.

  18. I thought this video was really great!  Anyway, I thought this year's Stanley Cup Final was the best I've seen in years!  Two great teams evenly matched, and it was a close series!  Have a good summer–and GO SENS!!!

  19. I can't find the HNIC intro for Game 6 of the Finals, anyone knows why or where it can be found? Thanks

  20. One of the things that bothers me is June 15th….Hockey is a winter sport and it should be done by the end of May at the latest. NHL needs to shorten playoffs with more back to back home games.

  21. what can i say……the only good thing about this new and very non-approved version is probably George Snuffleupagus LOL!

  22. These montages have gone to shit ever since Rogers took over. The old CBC montages were legendary. This sours me immensely.

  23. In and of itself, this one wasn't that bad, but compared to all the other ones done by Thompson before he got fired, this one just doesn't measure up.  Personally, I don't think they should have used as many sound bytes.

    2011 is my favorite, but all of the other ones are still outstanding.  I'm hoping NBC picks up Thompson to do montages for them, even though it's not very likely.

  24. What?! Hockey is the best sport in the world. It's not a pussy sport like basketball, football, baseball and soccer! Real men play hockey. If you can't survive razor sharp skates to the throat and a concussion or 3 broken limbs and cardiac arrest and still score 4 goals you aren't a real man. All our players would destroy any other pansy ass "athletes" All Hail Hockey!

  25. Hello Looler27!
    This is a great video and audio. I wanted to see about getting your permission in using just the part of the audio portion for a farewell video we are doing for some hockey players ageing out in my sons midget hockey team. I would give you full credit for the background music. This is just a house team so nothing real big.
    Thank you for the consideration.

  26. Great montage. As a hawks fan I miss Corey Crawford and know that he will retire. There is no way that he can stay in the NHL with that injury. It’s sad. I love seeing him play.

  27. Hands down the best one you've ever made but I love them all, you have 281k views on this, I probably gave you 500 of them LOL

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