Justin Gorski | Baseball Youth | Swing Breakdown

What’s up everyone this is JK Whited
from the Baseball Rebellion, here to give you the baseball youth player to watch
and this week we have Justin Gorski, who sent me some cave swings here and man
they’re phenomenal. So, I’m just gonna let a couple play through here a little bit
and it’s very rare to find kids that that practice what they want to do in
the cage. I know that sounds weird cuz most people think “oh I’m in a cage and I’m practicing what I want to do.” Most kids don’t. This kid has clear goals
to drive the baseball out of the infield, which should be the goal of everybody.
The few who do it. Most practice hitting the ball at the middle low. This guy looks
like he’s trying to take his best game swings here, which is why he’s probably a
player to watch. So, from the first the move here back is phenomenal nice and
subtle nothing crazy. Now he does have a lot of pre stride bat movement but I
really like it. He sinks it up well. He does it every time. It’s very consistent.
A lot of times when you have pre swing bat movement, it can get a little
inconsistent and hard to kind of time back up with the rest of the body but he
does a good job; some barrel tips things like that are tough. He does a great job
of working with it a nice hip first move out here he doesn’t reach with his leg
he’s moving his lower half. He’s really utilizing this part of his body and his
stride. He’s moving that forward as you can clearly see through the circle there.
He’s really moving his stomach out moving his hips out. Once he kind of gets
in position to turn here, you can see a lot of really cool things that we
discuss here at Baseball Rebellion, landing with the bent front side. Now
he’s a little bit close and it’ll go I’d like to see him work on but keeping the
back leg angle that we talked about situating his head and chest back at an
angle where he can rotate the bat back up and it’s very clear that’s what he’s
trying to do as you can see him laying and get into that front leg just a
little bit and he very very quickly immediately and his turn starts to try
to work the bat back uphill so at contact we can see the bat has come up
through the zone, right, because we know that the ball is coming down to the zone
so we’re trying to match that pitch plane to get the best most solid pure
contact we could get and also hit it out of the infield nose and eyes down to
contact full hip rotation full shoulder rotation.
Good bent back knee, high back heel at the very end and watch how his back foot
actually moves for that something then we promote and the Baseboard Rebellion
system is allowing that back foot to move a little bit so we can get better
hip rotation. Front leg which was bent now pushing back through the turn to
keeping the angle back behind the ball also helping them push that front hip
out of the way so he can rotate cleanly all the way through contact and you see
the full finish, so great job Justin keep it up buddy and continue to look for
this kid he’s gonna keep smashing the ball for a while.

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