Kalani Sitake on #BYUSN 12.18.19

Our next guess is stake. Great to have you in the studio today. Great to be here. I’ve been looking forward to talk about the recruits. We’re excited to be in warm weather. It’ll be fun. We are stoked. We talked about the emphasis on this class. It appeared it was receiver and running back. We are losing three senior receivers and we just looking at our depth with the guys we have developed, we have a bunch of missionaries we planned on signing and then they’re going on missions, we have a few starting in January. We have to project sometimes two and a half years from now. Lots of fun. Let’s dive into some of the guys that have signed so far. Sol-jay is a big time qb recruit. I have to give him a lot of credit for being really committed to us and pushing everyone else out. Even in the last month or so, guys come really hard on him, but his mind is set on BYU. He had a great visit earlier in the year and felt connected here. Some of the guys that are the most committed play the best. He fits us perfectly. He’s a dynamic guy with tons of potential. He is a legit dual threat. He can do it all. If you give him time to throw he’ll make something happen. You can see that he never complained about not having enough time, he is a team guy. With time he can make difficult throws and he can run. He’s very athletic. I’m glad he’s a BYU guy. Kody is a big time playmaker. He can turn a short route into a big game. His ratio for touchdowns to catches is something that’s really fun for us. Terence falls has an incredible story. French Muslim kid. There’s a place for him here at BYU. We went over our purpose as a football player here at BYU and it connected with him. His family felt comfortable with him being here. He was able to have his dad and sister on the visit and once they got on campus and met everyone they realized there’s a connection. It helps to have french-speakers on campus. The religion and the connection and everything falls in line with how he lives his life. It goes for the whole group of players. This is a place they want to be and is in line with how Thye they live already. We were talking about Harper and his dad picked Ty Detmer a few times. What can you tell us about him. Micah has great instinct in the game. He can play either side of the ball. We want him on defense because he can be physical. He’s going to be a freshman. He’s got such great maturity. His football iq is off the chart. I think he can compete right away. He’s got a father that knows how to play the game too. He’s born to play football and we’re looking forward for him playing as a corner. Let’s talk about Jacques Wilson. He fits in with what we want to get done here. Troy Warner and Chris Wilcox play in the back, and he fits in. I think he’ll be competing for a starting spot right away. We talk about Terence and the others, BYU fits perfectly for what he wants to get done and the experiences he wants as a football player. Talking about honor code and academics was something he was looking forward to. We have a new signee, let’s get to that right now. Chris Jackson, wr from mt. Sac from pomono California. You like him. Yeah, he’s got tons of speed. We’re looking forward to him making plays for us. He’s got a great story and background. Once we started talking about BYU, he fit perfectly and he said that this is where he wanted to be. I’m looking forward to the future with him. It’s a good change for him and his family. He’s transparent about his story. You can do well if you have your dreams and live for it. He’s going to do great for us. You mentioned running backs as a focus for this year. Garret and live as running backs. Both dynamic players and Bruce comes from Texas where football is king. He has great stats. Tons of speed and can move. He’s got great stats. A big thick kid. His body is built, not that tall, but he is put together really well. Luve is just a big back that we need and he’s got tons, I mean both of them are highly recruited. They committed to us pretty early in the game and they’ve stuck with us. I think they already have something in mind to help us out on the field and help us win games. I remember seeing them and looking at the future and the guys we have committed. This is just part of the early signing class, there will be others that trickle in as they become official. Rounding out the signees, Josh Wilson out of draper. I think he’s king of pick 6s. He finds a way. Shows his instincts. They’ve already been talking trash back and forth. He’s a big playmaker. Led his team to state championship for two years now. He has the ability to make tons of big plays. He’ll be here for us as a freshman and competing for playing time and a spot. That family knows how to produce some game-ready players that could play as freshman. You’ve got a lot of mid-year additions coming in. We have a lot of missionaries coming. Looking at the projection of our recruiting, we’re limited in the NCAA announcing our signing limit. We look at the ability to gray-shirt some of them that come home, give them some workout time, and starting in January we get a good number of them. Tyler batty, Kaleb Christensen will help us out as db, Hanshaw returns soon. Ryan Rico who’s a punter who is very athletic. I don’t think mark pope will want him, he’s also a guy that can play D and tight end and punt for us. Seth Lewis is antoher one we’re adding. A big lineman that has taken the

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