Kamlesh Nagarkoti Bowling Action Analysis (In Hindi)

Hello guys, today we are analysing one of future star of India, Kamlesh nagarkoti bowling action If you are new to this channel, consider subscribing So you never miss an upload. So let’s begin Kamlesh Nagarkoti moves his both arm equally in the run up providing him a great balance He gradually builds up his run-up and in the last few steps, his approach speed is maximum. He is a very athletic bowler, given his lightening fast run-up. Nagarkoti keeps his load up close to the body and in front of his eyes which is a great technique. Nagarkoti is a side on bowler, means when his backfoot lands, it remains parallel to the crease. He is quick off the backfoot, as as he just touches his toe and quickly moves to front foot contact. At this time his front arm also remains in control as well. Nagarkoti is not a tall bowler. He is just 5 feet and 8 inches. But pace has no relation with someone’s height, as long your rhythm and the timing of your action is perfect. On front foot contact, his upper body is still sideways and it’s signing a star position which is a good thing to have for fastbowling. On front foot contact, when your both arms are straight and above your waist height, then it is said to be a star position Star position helps maintaining body balance in the centre. Nagarkoti has a quick arm rotation and he just whips into his action because of which batsman feels uncomfortable choosing his shots. Quick arm rotation bowler’s length is hard to predict and their bouncer becomes so effective. Kamlesh nagarkoti helds the record for the fastest ball in U19 cricket which was at speed of 149 km/h. Nagarkoti has speed by birth. When he was 8 years old, he used to bowl faster than his senior mates. After which he modelled his action with his coach. Nagarkoti has a high arm bowling action means releasing the ball close to the ears This benifits him swinging the ball both sides with much ease and convenience. Nagarkoti releases the ball by dragging his backfoot Also Nagarkoti has an energetic and quiet balanced follow through as he completes his follow through by running straight towards the batsman. To watch more awesome videos like this, please subscribe to my channel and press that bell icon. See you in the next video, till then b’ bye

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