Kane Williamson praises Sri Lankan hospitality

I guess that’s sort of an unknown really we haven’t really seen the the surface the sort of ten or twelve days that we’ve been here eight of them have been rained out so it’s just one of those things that you just have to get your head around and Trump appear mentally as best you can and look forward to the first test darling tomorrow and all the guys are really excited to get the test championship underway yeah I mean I think it’s a welcome addition to the test format bringing that context into every for the Test match that you play and you know every side I mean no matter what every time you play against many teaming and at any level it’s very very competitive but now this I guess that that added sort of carrot where in two years time everybody’s sort of fighting for an opportunity to play in a Test Championship final which would be a really exciting thing to be a part of but between now and that potential I guess outcome there’s so much Test cricket to be played and the focus for us is definitely one game at a time or one session at a time and we know we’re up for a really tough challenge here in Sri Lanka McGuiness a strong site um yeah I mean if that happens that would be great but I guess there’s a bigger picture and yeah the thing with rankings is they sort of just fluctuate throughout a season and a purely a reaction to perhaps the the cricket that you’re playing so for us we just want to be focusing on the cricket that’s important to us to give ourselves the best chance of success and Marcus a were looking forward to the challenge here in Sri Lanka which is obviously changing conditions and obviously the home team they’ve done very well but the guys are very excited at that opportunity and I mean there’s a lot of experience in the same bowling department which is always a good thing to have albeit over here often the majority of overs from spin bowlers and you know the guys that are here were part of a fantastic series in the UAE where spent bowling was obviously the the dominant art and you know they’re really looking forward to the opportunity here and another country which the conditions would be slightly different again to take on that challenge they’re still fairly new to the international arena and a lot of those spinners in this form it but at the same time like I say that the quality bars and they’re looking forward to the challenge to bowler a strong side in these conditions but hopefully get a bit of assistance of the services to hospitality yeah it’s been outstanding I had a number of birthday cakes on my birthday and then a couple of days after my bet they had a belated birthday cake as well so the guys have been enjoying a little bit of cake in some celebration so that a will Somerville as well headers birthday so but it’s been great the guys have been really enjoying their time here in Sri Lanka just looking forward to some career subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for a latest content

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