Kang Jung-ho impresses coaches during batting practice 강정호, 배팅 연습에서 밀리지 않았다

Now if Lydia Ko was making all the noise in
Australia,… Pittsburgh Pirates′ Kang Jung-ho was doing just the same over in Florida,…
where his team′s currently preparing for their new season. And after his batting practice
over the weekend,… expectations… higher than ever.
Now a lot of thumbs up and ′nice swing Jung-ho′ comments during his latest batting practice,…
where the former Nexen Hero sent most of his swings deep,… including two that went over
the wall. Now what was impressive about the swings was that the wind was blowing in,…
preventing many of the balls to go deep,… yet,… he was on par with some of the big
swingers on the team like Andrew McCutchen. Kang also showed that he can spread the ball
around,… hitting to all parts of the field during practice

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