Karachi Kings vs Peshawar Zalmi | Full Match Highlights | Match 2

you don’t need a national job now why
it’s nicest to have a bit of a great just allow your skill set to dominate
not have to worry about their extra little burden some love it relish oppose
I think in the modern game you get to play so much
what do pretty this nice in terms of the franchise situation that someone else
has ago I’m looking forward to this guy Sergio card and solid individual and as
you mentioned Burmese making a little bit more of a comeback has been added
and seen for a little while for that flick that he plays so stylish we play everything don’t give him any rep that’s gone and
hit the fencing beautifully slap the Pakistan
there we go disappears I will contain jail shut up about Dave another six
Crowder’s come on extremely hard and there’s another one
it’s gone up in the air there should be all four Shoji such a good shot balance beautifully after over
welcome to the car t-shirt Thank You camera Dell toward chat Gretchen
wonderful shape the mall such a good plan that’s for wow that’s a time for us to be punished it was Karev
beauty absolute beautiful doesn’t matter whether it’s your first
ball or your second will you just come out you just want to play shots there’s
your answer there is your answer we’re going to call it a miss field in the
deep but the placement was still exceptional find space again finds the
boundary again ends the over-well 13 from in a bad talk about finding it fate
Liam’s not but Baba hands once to Lourdes – captain response but needed of
the ring did but that’s great running and he puts you away just a touch as it got it has he got a dude betcha absolute peach that’s God’s been faceted
just like that Clooney didn’t quite get there
tipsy catch a crore it’s 10 million pickers time 3 please let’s have a share
of it if you please how about this fish ah seriously
that is incredible yes please for more Thermal
Latricia and Ahmad did see the toss that he would want it’s these two 180 chard
he’s picked that up beautifully he’s into the fence a mod so the average runs
at the last fibre was here at National Stadium it’s 49 that’s gone once again
it’s almost hit the roof such as that strength can be a tough pass have a look
at that smash dropped I think it’s swelling have stopped otherwise it would have
been afore but still be so I think we have a reveal chance at
the non-striker’s and it is gone bhava Rossum is run bitch shot
chance beautifully hailed brilliantly done is
shriveling who redeems himself with a wonderful
take a Sonali is ripped apart when the browser bus into a bit raw that’s when you know my limit and strain
as you like get the HBO 6s come to 19 if the car starts with style was it required to be a link delivery
and he pushed himself bad news there is sugar in go deep to clear that extra bit
of off for width and length and hit it straight as an arrow
brilliant shot goals do Bacchus the samurai big lickin the victim is dating the opposition that
zombies that download there is two points two six now almost nearing a two
hundred target yeah very nicely of the furniture this
is karate require soup ESS score one nine zero one nine seven the last
delivery now can he make it three out of three well
two sixes and a four is not a bad way to end the innings
if the bar was held back for this portion of a knock here we go there are four wants to lugs that
arrived laughs Abdullah’s not our shadek pal something rarely as simple dawn at the
ground that’s synonymous this man had played t20 cricket big shot big shot NASA
empire anymore it moved just indicating that maybe there’s a little bit of a
bottom edge they’ve gone for the review to report the wicket they know changing his decision that is out such a
big breakthrough we met up again on the offside the predictions away on the lake
guys are them at our second ball Dunphy got it it’s the yoga from Jordan candy itch handy edge to form he try to
get it down there but probably not as fine as he did that he will take the
rats 5.39 for two squeezed away that’s very nicely played
on the square leg down booth and that’s what happens master the Caribbean recent I’d sell and go but that’ll be for love Lisa oh it’s God
God God brilliant one have a look at this free flights go away for another
check no taste balling of Cameron Delta he is cooking Oh big one in six water
mighty connection big shot is it big enough is it big
enough yes it is just about making it over the road there’s the edge and is gone mama damu
cuts back for spell check so wicked then zombies go down the chicken at the
spin you there we go here we go Jonah’s slow that he gets far
running from Livingston and Jess what the Selmy needed team from another one
five four for Barney crowd chanting Gideon behind me lately stepping what I
wanna bring it up back himself went inside half the hookshot looking off
together here we go short pops catch it sell my place what would I give away
some cash some birthdays Jordan and he’s disappeared fast time
talk about entertainment wasa Jia was never going to get out of
these blocks there the big fella no hang time getting up from Calvin as
Rudolf goes down to the boundary Rishel on the ball
starter the moon dollar word says get rid of Darren Sammy so formalities
here last fall of next two this appears that in the more Pakistan

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