Karch Kiraly on BYU Sports Nation 11.26.19

We are now privilege to welcome in one of the all time greats in volleyball in the history of this planet. Multigoal medalist and tonight broadcaster of the BYU Pepperdine volleyball match. Great to have you back.>>Thank you. Always great to be here.>>I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps sorry not sorry on the BYU men’s win against the Bruins last night.>>Don’t ever apologize. It just means we have America work to do.>>Tanner: Good attitude.>>Don’t ever feel sorry for the Bruins. Nobody R feels sorry for us, they all want to see us lose, and props the BYU and we Bruins have work to do.>>Jarom: Let’s talk about your connection to BYU. And let’s start with the U.S.A. Women’s national coach. So Mary lake was on the roster. BYU favorite daughter if you will, and lost the pass port at one time.>>It was an adventure.>>Jarom: And she Mary was a great addition to our program, really have to give her props she had to think about it. Think about the opportunity to spend time with us. She wasn’t sure how she would do and she really threw herself into it. So yes, we went on with her, and obviously a lot of great great players who made major contributes. To win the gold medal and then accomplish our biggest goal for the year, which is right after that. Early August, win a minitournament of three matches in less than 48 hours to earn the right to go to the coke owe olympics.>>Right after that she didn’t getuch of a break. And headed here to begin work again for her senior season. With Heather Olmstead who does an amazing job here. And all the good work she does with the lady cougars program.>>Speaking of, Heather Olmstead, her dad, Rick, is a long time connection with the Olmstead family.>>Absolutely. He was my high school coach, at Santa Barbara high, love Rick. We plays together in the first ever professional volleyball tournament. That was ever held in 1976 I think it was. Didn’t win any prize money. Even if we had, I didn’t want to take any, and couldn’t take any because I wanted to maintain my college eligibility. I was still in high school at the time.>>But you played with your coach.>>I played with my coach. He schooled us a lot on the beach. In east beach and then great great coach. At Santa Barbara, learn sod much. Just about hard work, and what it took to be great. Weeing too it upon ours. He would give us these work outs and we just learned to work our tails off. And as it turned out we had an undefeated year. You might have a photo.>>And you are holding Shon Olmstead.>>This is amazing.>>That was at the end of an undefeated senior season. Next to me is one of our great players went on to a great college career and beach career. There’s little Shon as we had just won the champion. Of course now Shon doing a great job with the men’s program here at BYU. But the — and I of course knew Heather through the Olmstead family, and so I love Rick, and the trick was — he is also a great referee.>>Yes.>>We are still trying to figure out how to lure him when BYU gets to the NCAA semifinals. The NCAA finals, he gets so stretched he won’t watch in person. So we are trying to figure out how do wet get him here, to cheer his daughter on, or son on if it is the men’s team.>>Pretty remarkable, not only his connection to you, but what his kids have done in the game, it is just wild. One of your assistance is a BYU guy. In his first or second year, I remember you coming to town and scouting out Luca. How has he done?>>He is doing a great job. We love having him. Yes, I came up two years ago just as the men’s season was starting I think in early 2018. And Lew ca — the BYU men had a great season. So they finally lost out on Thursday this is semifinals. He was in our office on Friday, about six days later we left to go on nation’s league. So he just dove in and has been doing a great job ever since. We are super excited to have him. And super excited that he contributes so much. As we said we locked down a berth to Tokyo, so all of our planning now is looking toward the start of that olympics, the opening ceremonies are July 24th next year. And we are hoping to put together a special tournament.>>It has to be packed in a special bag so it doesn’t break. He puts it in one of the equipment bags. And he learned that — I think he might have learned that one from one of my coaching mentors. And we were talking about it before, how he did his doctoral thesis. So he is another one of the all time greats in coaching, any sport, but dod at Pepperdine for a long time.>>Showing your extensive resume, and greatest volleyball player of the 20th century. Hundreds of matched won, and yum curious now, how would you describe the evolution of basketball and how it is mayed?>>It is certainly more of a power game now. Most of my career there wasn’t the power and I am talking men especially. There wasn’t the power serving that there is now. Internationally and collegiately, if you don’t have a lot of guns to start the rally when your team is serving you will be struggling. Because you have to do something. W a perfect pass they are difficult to stop. So people like Taylor sander one of the all time greats one of the things he brings, to any team he plays for is a great jump spin serve. It is less common in the women’s game. But because there aren’t enough people with the power to actually cause trouble, but that’s a big factor, and the integration of Zack row attack. Is much bigger now than it used to be.>>Tanner: BYU and the other men’s teams to a nice job with that. But it is becoming more and more a part of international volleyball. We saw it last year with the BYU team. Somebody like Ronny Jones curry, very effective. So those are the power, and the fact that the athletes are taller, jumping higher and hitting more effectively, those are big ones.>>Interesting. Let’s fin wish the match at hand tonight. Which you can here to call. What a duo for this match.>>BYU and Pepperdine, BYU trying to get the best seed they can. Pepperdine trying to get in the tournament.>>You are right. This is a very important match I think for both teams. BYU got to host as one of the top four seeds all the way through. And the atmosphere here last year playing Texas in that final. I am getting major goose bumps thinking about it. I wasn’t here but just seeing it was fantastic. I love the BYU crowds. And how much passion they have. So BYU now trying to get a top 16 seed and the right to at least host the first two. BYU is not really in the running to get a P to four seed. And maybe host the regional. And then Pepperdine just working to get into the tournament. This seems like a near must win, and Pepperdine has put together a really strong season. W.C.C. Season, beating U.S.D. Giving them their only lost. So I am excited. It should be a great match, the a lot of implications in this. That carry to the selection show and beyond.>>Jarom: Absolutely. Well, it was great to have you here, always gray et to see you. Would you mean signing our flag.>>Love.>>Jarom: Would that be.>>Awesome.>>Jarom: We have to protect this flag, you know.>>And now coming up if you missed a BYU basketball game last night, and you missed a great win for the cougars and you missed bill Walton. Don’t worry we have you covered with the best of bill.>>Jarom: And BYU buzzer beater in maui, we will show you that.

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