Karun Nair vs Dinesh Karthik Controversy நடந்தது என்ன? Tamil Nadu v Karnataka Ranji Trophy 2019-2020

Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka has turned into rival Like India vs Pakistan or Like Ashes Similar to England vs New Nealand Such a rivalry contest it has become Between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, there has been problem frequently even in Political issues as well as in Cricket field When i woke up i found 5 tweets and an article regarding this rivalry and an article regarding this rivalry I thought Why shouldn’t I speak about this Convey what is the Truth regarding these issues about the rivalry and the matter behind this issue. I’ll speak about this I’ll speak about this

100 thoughts on “Karun Nair vs Dinesh Karthik Controversy நடந்தது என்ன? Tamil Nadu v Karnataka Ranji Trophy 2019-2020

  1. எல்லோரும் #INDvWI 3rd T20 Analyiss எங்க ?-ன்னு கேக்குறீங்க! ஆனா மன்னிக்கவும் நா திண்டுக்கல் Ranji Trophy Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka Match-ல கொஞ்சம் வேலையா இருந்தால Analysis பண்ண முடில. விடுங்க Ranji Trophy பத்தியும் IPL 2020 பத்தியும் நெறைய On The wayல் இருக்கு! #Cricanandha

  2. karnataka May be good side but having this much arrogance and head weight makes them shit as human beings. I can’t believe k gowtham and padikkal behaved like that wow. They will not go far with that attitude, mark these words

  3. I was wondering why those karnataka ppl were talking bad about dk and after seeing this alone came to know about them. K gowtham celebration in front of fans shows his maturity and karnataka ppl supporting those 3rd rated Twitter handle shows their maturity. Watha ipl vangada vera level la vechi seilam

  4. In my opinion, cricket yaar venumnaalum vilayaadirlam, record's yaar venumnaalum create pannalam, but charachter, mannerism, opponent's ah madhikkindra pannbaadu, intha maari good qualities irukkara player's romba romba kuraivu, example: Sachin tendulkar, dravid, M.S.D, lasith malinga, Daniel vettori, Ivinga yellam cricket la saathichathu mattum illama, nammala paathu youngster's niraya per follow panndraanga so namma charachter um oru example ah irukkanumnu life laiyum example ah irunthavanga, bad examples like, my captian GANGULY, v. Kholi, shewag, gambhir, YUVI, son of soil ashwin, Hardik pandya, ivinga kitta talent romba jaasthi, but maturity suthama illa, in this new generation there's always some one for the place of sachin, dravid, MSD, but no one can be can replace their character while opposition how badly sledge or attack with bouncers. They r true Legend's., and i never support arrogance.,

  5. I never expecting such things from karnataka ppl in Twitter. They are some ppl especially who are soo biased and spreading fake news on dk.

  6. Match referee fined TN players not Karnataka players and your acting like ypu didn't know anything typical chutiya mindset..

  7. I come to know after seen this video about Karnataka vs tamilnadu issue.. And I don't want to know abt this info bcz v already some salasalappu with Karnataka and now y this? Mr. Anandha. Think practically and come to reality.. #KaduppuethurarMyLord..

  8. What man u said many peoples are played national team
    But u said silly reasons to cover the loss tn
    U people are matured are not
    After the match any team analisis of loss or win
    What man ididnt expect from any team after they loss

  9. Bro south African cricket team pathi konjam pesunga …..bcz new team director Smith & head coach Mark Boucher………&mark Boucher 2020 world cup Ku Mr.360 velayadanum ennu solliirukaru so plz idha pathi konjam news collect panni konjam pesunga ……..and main thing enoda comments ahh padinga…..!!!!

  10. தொற்றவன் எது சொன்னாலும் இந்த உலகம் ஏற்காது இதற்கான விடை வெற்றி மட்டுமே தமிழக அணி வெற்றி பெற்றுதான் பாடம் கற்பிக்க வேண்டும்

  11. It’s a loosers review.. This guy is cooking stories.. First thing as DK felt bad for over appealing etc etc.. I think match refree is there to look after that… there no need for his advice.. I think TN players can go and complain, Even on field umpires are there.. If over appealing or bad behaviour umpires and refree will take care… DK is furstrated as he did not get call for international T20 matches.. so he showing here.. if DK is Senior player ask him to behave like that.. not fighting off field and in going to others dressing room.. May be TN lost all 4 times this year to Kar so this frustration for whole team and fans 🤣🤣🤣

  12. DK Bose felt even though they had a senior uncle(himself) in TN team, Kar beat them in TN without showing respect.. So full back fire for DK.. Kar should have shown respect by loosing..😂😂😂

  13. Karnataka team attitude Indian cricket teamku thalai keela irukkuthu ithu nalla visayam illa,aprom avanga atha match ah pakala etho tamilargalna kevalama nenaikkanga,intha year karnatakata nama loss aggitte irukkuathala avangalukku innum konjam thimir😞😡

  14. Namma Tamil cricket fansku world cricket la nalla respect irukku, nama eppothum opponent teamkum respect kodukkura knowledgeable crowd including today Ind vs wi matchla standing ovation for wi players,but karnataka players not have sportmanship

  15. Who ever talks negative about Karnataka players are like foxes who could not get the grapes…Kar team a champ side and TN no match for us….no sportive spirit from a waste player like Dinesh who was responsible for India lose to NZ in WC semis..waste guy …jai Gautam..who destroyed TN in all formats….idu eppudi irukku.

  16. Cricket la calm ah irukavanga neraya achive pannuvanga,, Achive pannathuku apram intha madiri la pannala but just state cricket la ye Intha madiri pannitu iruntha, intha madiri Attitude oh da international cricket aadana world la Indian team ah um Australia team madiri mosamana attitude iruka players nu solluvanga, state players Sachi and Dhoni attitude ah vachikanum atha best

  17. Karun Nair , Dash Gowtham and Padikkal you people seriously lost your respect among one of the fairest and finest group of cricket fans! We(TN Fans) don't abuse our players or opponents like your state fans!

  18. Frustrated tamilnaadu.. Pls use burnoil.. Its my suggestion.. U lost vijay hajare, syed mushtaq ali nd now ranji match.. Very shame

  19. Brooo this is how u know?? You will support Tamil nadhu we will support Karnataka, because even i was their, coz this will happen in games, when youl do others accept right?? As a senior player he shudnt do that.. Simple people will support their own state😊

  20. If you think you are players are not done anything .. but Karnataka players done everything .. what a logic 👏👏😂😂😂

  21. I am a tamilian and I dont think dk is right in having argument with karun nair especially being a senior player..I can understand it's part and parcel in the game, end of the day players shakes hand and go..that's it..only media is making this as big issue..tomorrow both karun nair and DJ may go for a party together and we all fight with each other..

  22. கர்நாடக காரனுங்க சில்லரைத் தனம் பண்றானுங்க, அதை தினேஷ் கார்த்திக் தட்டி கேட்டதுல எந்த தப்பும் இல்ல, கர்நாடகா பிளேயர்ஸ் மேல நடவடிக்கை எடுங்க…

  23. I've an experience with DK na. I played under his capitancy. Such a nice person and motivator. Still remember those golden days. Especially his walking style.

  24. Karun Nair and DK are good friends. DK even stayed at his house during training and he appreciated Karun Nair for helping him out.

  25. gareebon ke Harsha Bhogle ka analysis..😂😂😂 Ashwin showed very nice attitude while SMAT finals, he got a nice treatment😂😂😂 don't preach about attitude n character because it's a game n it happens sometimes players get into each other's nerves.. so chill..

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