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Disclaimer Check the signal No brother their is no signal check now .. Hold their It was almost on wait let me check it this ways check now .. ah… no no signal again you are moving your hand … Ok Wait … check now ahh why are you moving your hand hold on at some place Its on its on .. Now hold their for two minutes ahhhh….. again check again … ahhh no its gone again hold on hold on .. ahh its gone again i am feeling tired now .. yesss yess its good now Title with Music Serious Fans what do you think about six NO .. I dont think so hay its Rohit Sharma he can easily no he can’t {Boy comes in with a phone call for his father he need to talk with dad wait a bit lets talk to him first let me watch the match first {IN PAIN} you moran what have you done .. you burned my face you moron Superstitious fans hay sit properly whats the score…. we dont know give me the remote hay don`t touch it … its in the lucky postion .. they will otherwise take his wicket. dont spread your legs Give it to me … No or else he will be run-out dont do it .. else they will runout him OK..i am Leaving Don’t get up .. otherwise it will rain in the match Hold him properly commentary on TV Out Of Control expecting six father stop making noise of hookah for a while he`s blind dont he know how to bat what the hell .. is he blind for God sake play a single good shot hay ****** get out you moron don’t u know how to talk in front of father .. you too get lost Betting Fans {Thinking } i think i will lost the bet today. { thinking} Today you see today i am going to take all your money. do you think we will lose , we are going to win ” CALL OF OUT” yessssss Rohit sharma : what the hell you did match commentary on TV YES it is six match commentary on TV listen! it is out what i say? it is out! i said you it is confirm out let the 3rd umpire to decide no it is out i told you! lets bet for it for 10k rupees. it is confirm out oh no YES idiot fans hay! look Aamir is back into attack . i have faith in him . he will take 6 wickets in 5 ball have a look oh it is six Actually he was hungry from last night haven`t you seen the news no it was actually raining .. otherwise you know he has a very awesome swing. Ha! was it raining? i was thinking why was he sneezing? let the indian bowlers come … see what pakistan batsman will do with them here comes the indian bowlers now see… but let me tell you one thing they might doing black-magic actually do you know how they able to get them out. they have taking strong stuff in the breakfast for more energy OH! SHIT Look Farhat came … SHIT …OUT i think we have lost today Suggestive Fans sarfaraz was not good today as wicket keeper it was better to keep Aamir as wicket keeper instead of letting him bowl. and sarfaraz at his place. yeah you are right But i think it was better to get inzimaam_ul_haqq back, he would have been a better keeper NO, it was good to get Afradi back oh yeah ! isnt it good if i will get afridi back? yeah i think you shout call Mr. Imran Khan yeah wait i will [CALLING] : hello am i talking to imran what ! He is talking in kashmiri let me check You have called neighbors Imran You know if i would have been their, i would play better than them lets do one thing then. Lets open the TV and drop you inside. okay i will get ever necessary thing Bad luck Fans This match will end here if they took any wicket look he talked nonsense CALL OF OUT its all because you talked nonsense. ball is up in the air i hope they will not caught it. hay man what the hell are you.. Why are you yelling man .. please cover his mouth for a while please leave and let us watch the match look he is out of crease he will be stumped call of out ; nonsense man get out of here .. get lost get out both of you and let us watch the match what i did! it is because of him.. huh Nervous Fans SIX SiX please God it should be six Yesss its a six please God another six oh!! Shit its out! fakar zaman is in the field i think he will do good Yess its a boundry from a very first ball ohh its a single do one think get the glass of water for me Oh yess its a six again they are out of pressure now its a small chasing amount ohhh!! no no wait they have forwarded it to third empire wait wait Not out . yessssss!!!! he is going to rock today don’t worry we are going to win today stop its an ad break Un-interested Guy I think we are going to lose today ? no wait let him finish the over first, after that we can decide everthing God is with us A fresly released movie is on tv .. please cahnge the channel WHAT!!!!!!! its an awesome movie get lost get lost Its a good film that’s why get lost match is at its peak and you are talking of a movie we are about to lost .. new movie such a mad person he was .. because of this non sensence they are not able to play a big shot now he is a test player. who told him to play this match hell with this advertisement Rivalry he`s Fakhar zaman he will hit all of them today. its a six yes….. Have this. It is for you today you too brother have it have it you will lose today Out! yes it is for you now! have it have it … wait for a moment it is india! we will win today why he is making only single yes it is six now! now you have it. have it brother have it let me train them you will loose today! out! yes take this you both now! yes Match Reslut who is going to win? Obviously Pakistan india is going to win it for sure [TEASING] india will win. you wait and watch Lets see i will sacrifice an egg if pakistan won the match and i am going to sacrifice a pack of candles I will sacrifice 11 rupees and i will sacrifice 22 just keep quite you see india is going to win are you blind you can easily get two runs india is going to win this quit quit he has to take 3 runs of one ball pakistan will win India..india india pakistan OHH!! power cut what is wrong with the electricity.. somebody turn on the generator. Call the electrician And Finally hay !! its azaan time. comeon lets offer prayers first. wait i will decrease the volume only five minutes are left you go ,we will be their after watching these 3 overs you continue man let us watch the match We can watch it later on internet but the time of namaz (prayer) time will not be back again Think about your deeds….get up come on lets go for the namaz (prayer) first But seriously brother was right about the namaz (prayer) we can easily watch the match on internet but we cannot get the nimaz(prayer) time back Assalamalikum Friends we request you people also to remember the nimaz(prayer) time during matches also its the time of internet and we can watch century back matches easily All the shots you saw in the video are of our personal experience and you want to share more you can add it in comments Freiends, press the logo to subscribe our youtube channel and to watch more videos click on the below boxes. 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  1. In Ur every video there is funny jokes but the end was very amazing with great massage.
    Keep it bro and want to see u shine like a bloom flower.
    Love you from charar I sharief Budgam.


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