KEEP COOL Mobile World Cup 2019

Salut! We are Gabi. Eugen and Julian from the EcoVisio team in Moldova. Have you ever heard about
“Keep cool”? It’s a role game and the simulation on climate change. It shows to the players why it’s so difficult to save a climate. There was a
wish from international community to be able to play “Keep Cool” beyond the
borders and languages. That’s why we have “Keep Cool” Mobile which you can play from
any device connected to internet. You will become a mayor and make decisions
on how to build your economy but still survive the climate change. It gets up to
50 players who have 1 hour to decide what happens to the climate and the
economy in between the years 2000 and 2100. You’ll find the game here.
We’re still in the testing phase of “Keep Cool Mobile” and we want to play it
internationally. So now that’s why we need you in the World Cup! On June 15
will be the official final of the “Keep Cool Mobile” World Cup. The best players from
different countries will play together. Once. And the champions will be rewarded.
If they survive! How to register and qualify please go to please go to and you will find all the information there. Please join our
Facebook group – “Keep Cool in Eastern Europe”. So that you can get in touch with
other “Keep Cool” players and be informed about qualification games. Our qualification period is between
February 15th and May 31st. In this period you
can play as many games as you want. The more you play the higher your chances to
get into the final. We will be happy to see you in the game! Have fun and Keep

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