100 thoughts on “Kei Tsukishima Block Vs Ushijima Wakatoshi Haikyuu anime – Credits to: Toho Co., Ltd.

  1. Thank you guys for watching and sharing this unforgettable and the best moment of haikyuu <3 500K VIEWS ♥

  2. "Behind every player, behind the coaches that taught him/her, behind the hours of training and times of committment, is an individual who fell in love with the sport and never looked back."

  3. tsukki's character growth was really one of the my favourite part of haikyuu, the built up was amazing and paced really well and it all clicked in also tsukki im so proud of you ;-;;

  4. Did noone really notice at 0:00 how the guys face is through the net? I've seen no comments about it.

    Nvm, all of their faces are through the net. It looks so weird haha.

  5. Haikyuu truly the GOAT sports anime. The character development fleshed out like no other anime. All the build ups pay off. So damn good.

  6. この、ツッキーがバレーにハマった時かなり鮮明に描かれてるな。

  7. Goddamn this scene no matter how many times I watch it it always sent shivers down my spine and put a big smile on my face

  8. I used to not like this show because I thought it was annoying how much they pause the episode to show the thought process and how the names of certain moves (tossing instead of setting, zero tempo instead of a one) weren't the ones that I was used to, but now I absolutely love it. Him going from hating the sport to loving it is the best thing ever and the setters in this show are super cool and make me want to be better. Idk I just really like it now

  9. 雄叫びかっこいいけど個人的にはツッキーは静かにでも思いっきりガッツポーズしてる方がいいなあ

  10. I just discovered this anime over the weekend.

    Binged watched all three seasons. Never thought I'd get into a sports anime but the character development is superb

  11. Tsukishima had the best character development in the show and even when Karasuno won, he was still disappointed he only got one block.

  12. I honestly think every team in the world needs to watch this anime, it really gives a message on how important EVERYONE on the team is.

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