7 thoughts on “Keith Law: “Smart Baseball” | Talks at Google

  1. What up! Good talk!! For real. Warning, pitch coming: I'd love to come talk about education. Im not famous, but I speak on tech, innovation, Google. Lez go!!

  2. I can agree partly on the myth that clutch hitters actually exist. I think it brings some perspective if you look at it in hindsight, but I'd say it's useless for predicting future productivity. Like looking at David Ortiz in the 2004 ALCS. Looking at it in hindsight, Papi definitely stepped up in crunch time and singlehandedly saved his team from elimination. Extra props to him for providing results when his team really needed some. It kind of just makes the achievement more venerable. However, I think it would be a somewhat flawed strategy plan if say, from that point on in future playoff situations, if it would have like discouraged Dale Sveum from waving home a runner on a two out hit and testing an outfielder's arm because Ortiz is up next and therefore would supposedly be the better chance of driving that run in, because Ortiz has proven himself in past situations, then that I think represents the idea of clutch hitting being a myth.

  3. Matt Teper, you did a marvelous job interviewing keith law…thanks for that, and congratulations on the NLCS
    brewers performance (as of now the series stands 3-3 with the 7th game upcoming tonight).

  4. I don't mind other countries having baseball teams. Unfortunately today my son's don't go to baseball games anymore. Lots of of players are from South America. Definitely not as good as Brooks Robinson or others. I remember watching the 70s Baltimore Orioles. All Americans. Love it. Ha you Spanish punks go back to Mexico. Americans are tired of felling sorry for your non talent. You guys have more fuckups than anyone. Go back to making drugs, your definitely good at that. Nancy Pelosi loves your drugs but Americans don't.

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