Keith Primeau attends Cayden’s first game

My name’s Keith Primeau, and I’m Cayden Primeau’s father. Cayden’s getting his first National Hockey League start here, for the Montreal Canadiens. It’s emotional. It’s, you know… Original Six franchise. Two years removed from his draft… 20 years old. So it’s really exciting, and we’re really proud. Me and his mother are way more nervous than he would be. He’s just going to go out and do his thing. No, I never put anything by him. He’s had success at every level he’s played at. And he’s just continued to progress, you know, relevant to where he was drafted. If you had asked me last Sunday, if I was going to be in Montreal for his first start on a Thursday night, I probably would have been surprised. Marc Bergevin, who I played with in Detroit, had texted me yesterday to give me a heads up. And then Cayden let us know when he had found out, and at that point we put the wheels into motion to make sure we got here. He plays a different position than what I played, and his goaltending coach is here with me, who he confides in a lot, and who he has a great relationship with. He’d probably rather talk to him before me, but… If I gave him any advice, it was just… Before the game, it was: it’s just another game. Go out there and do what you do, and what got you here, and what presented this opportunity, and have fun with it.

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  1. did the broadcastsr know he was there on the night of the game, bc usually there are shots of the parents, but i didnt see any in the highlights

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