Kent State’s Ice Hockey Club

I would say one of the biggest difference between
a varsity sport verses a club sport is there’s no athletic scholarships involved for our
players. They come to Kent State and any kind of academic money they can earn is all through
their own. And what kind of grades they have coming out of high school. We pretty much are a collegiate team. We practice everyday,we have to go to the gym twice a week. We do basically the same requirements as them. We have GPA requirements just like a SAA,stuff like that, so we treat this just like it is a normal sport normal SAA team. We are a very young team, we have alot of freshman and sophomore that are playing in certain
situations that typically a junior or senior upper class man would be put into. So to have
the results that we are having now, with such a young team I think is tremendous. Which
shows that we have a great future ahead of us. All KSU students are free admission. Show
up with your student ID and get in for free. We played pretty well at home this year, so
I think it’s a big game for us. It’s the last home game of the semester, it’s senior night
so everyone here is trying to play a good one for the seniors its going to be the last
home game of their careers. We are still looking to grow our sport on campus. We are still kind of a hidden gem right now. Any chance a student has an opportunity to come out and
watch us, please do. You will be hooked for the next four years once you watch one of
our games. We are Kent State!

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