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Do you know Kevin Sukamuljo? Well, probably yes because the latest year Sukamuljo and Gideon have been the best mens doubles pair in the world. They are just playing extraordinarily amazing. These two guys they have changed the game but one of the things many people are talking about is the serve that Sukamuljo he is doing. A lot of players and coaches talk about how does he do it and how can he make that much spin in the shuttle and is it okay to do it? All of these things are very exciting to follow. I have been studying the serve for a long time and I have tried hundreds of time doing the same. I have an okay clear view on what’s going on with the serve. Maybe you can remember back in the days where people did the serves like this and then they hit it and the shuttle would spin like crazy. That rule has changes so now it is not allowed to hit the feathers when you do the serve. But Sukamuljo has been very smart on this and has developed a new type of serve. where he can hit still the edge of the shuttle. I will try to show you how to train this and what is going on when he does the serve. What he does is that he is getting ready to do the normal serve like this. Two things happens. Instead of just hitting it straight he changes the angle on the shuttle like this. A little bit towards your body instead of the floor. Instead of hitting that straight and giving it a little bit of spin it he spins the other way with the racket. So he changes the angle this way but hits the shuttle the other way. It will create the crazy spin to the opponent that will be really really tricky to return. Let me show you a few examples on how this would look. You can see it on camera – it spins a lot and when it passes the net it goes straight down because it has so much spin in it. As you can see the movement of my racket goes out in the side to create the spin. This is my opinion the trick on how to do a spin Sukamuljo serve and it has been called now. I have practiced it a lot and it was really tricky for me to get this far. I can still be a lot better. Sukamuljo is extremely good at making these spin serves. I will continue to practice myself. I really hope you can see some of the slow motions we have in this video and you can see what’s going on. It is a really fun serve and I think that your opponents will be really frustrated if you can hit this spin serve like I do or maybe like Sukamuljo. Good luck at practicing this. Thanks for watching! Comments below if you have anything to ask us about. We will answer you as soon as possible. Have a great day! See you guys!

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  1. In another tutorial for this serve, I saw another technique that while serving, he leaves the shuttle late from his hand.

  2. I'm a seasonal player. While serving, I always hit the side of the birdie. Not the head. Because I find it far more stable and precise (at least for me), especially when my body starts to fatigue. Although it'll be harder to perform flick server.

    Is it still considered as fault?

  3. I thought this was only possible with plastic shuttlecocks. A guy I know used to do it years ago.

    It's very annoying at first and looks like cheating. 😂

  4. Great video, thanks! Would it be worth filming from the side as well next time? If you have any tips on training while injured e.g. wrist, knee, elbow etc. whilst not exacerbating the injury, that would be helpful.

  5. It is not a new serve. I have been using it for 20 years. If you are up against an opponent who attacks the serve it is good to have in your arsenal. The secret is to get the shuttle to tumble as it goes over the net. This has 2 effects firstly it is impossible to attack until it has fallen beneath the net line and secondly it slows the shuttle down considerably. So that a serve that looks to be going a metre in when hit will fall just inside the line.

  6. How about a video tutorial of Lee Yong Dae's tumbling serve? The way he does it is so subtle, yet the shuttlecock always tumbles across the net. It's mind boggling!

  7. QUERY
    I find that at university level it helps in MD to tell your partner if you're going to do a low serve (with direction) or flick serve.

    Is it true for international badminton too? Do sukamuljo and gideon signal each other or whisper what serve they're going to serve or not?

  8. I’m still confused with how your able to slice it under. I’ve tried it multiple times but I can’t seem to get the tumble. Even if I do, it always lands short. It’s really confusing to just only see front view.

  9. If you check out the Shuttle Flash video about Sukamuljo's serve, the slow motion replay at 3:24 suggests that he isn't actually turning the shuttle:

    What would you say the advantage of angling the shuttle prior to contact is, Thomas? Furthermore, is the timing of this angling important (in other words, deception aside, does it help the spin if you angle the shuttle during the service motion rather than starting with it already angled)?

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