Kids on Curacao Baseball week 2020

I hope to see them all, but the one who I want to see the most is Didi, because he plays shortstop. Ozhaino Albies, because he is really humble and is an inspiration to me. Curacao Baseball Week is organized so the big leaguers can come and help us with our techniques. I hope that today will be a great day, that we have fun and that we learn a lot. I came here to learn from the professionals of our island. So, I can experience the training for myself. I play at the second base. So, I want to learn more about the techniques and what to do in certain situations. The first time I came I really enjoyed it. That is why I decided to come again this year, so I can enjoy and learn more. Today will be a fun training, because not only the kids in the west league or the east league are here. But everyone came together so we can train and learn from the professionals. If I’m not mistaken, this will be my third time here. Because it’s my first time as part of the Brievengat Team and my first time here in the junior league, … I want to learn so I can be more advanced. It’s great to see the professionals and to see how they interact with each other and with us. We laugh and in the middle of that we learn too. That is why this is something really fun to attend. I play right field and I want to learn how to pitch, because I like them both. I play outfield and I want to learn all the tricks they do so I can perform better. It was really fun. We did some drills, catched some balls, it was really fun. I had fun, because we got so much information and the thought us how to do the things more professionally. I learned some new techniques, like how to stand for a double play and how to be faster. I was doing my footwork wrong and now I know how to do it right. We learned how to be prepared for a fly, it was really fun. Everything went great as they should. Yes, the hitting, because not all the groups could hit, and I was in one of the groups who didn’t. No, everything went well and smooth. At the beginning, when we were at the second base, we had to wait for a while. Everyone else had something to do, but we had to wait a while, because I think there wasn’t enough people. That is what could have gone better for me. My goal is to be a pitcher, because I love that position. I want to be an MBL player as a catcher. I don’t really have an idea right now. In school I am studying nature and technology, so we will see about that. I want to be an MLB player and I want to play in New York Yankees or Atlanta Braves. But if I go with another team its ok for me because my main goal is to be an MLB player. And that is to help my family because we weren’t born in a wealthy home. I would come back because it was fun and we got to meet the big leagues. For sure! No doubt about it!

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