Kingsport Immortal — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Kingsport Immortal. New and improved for season 2019/20. We’ve done a lot of work on these. First thing you’ll obviously see is we’ve changed up the stickers. Looks really good, that black and gold makes it look very impressive. So this is our top-of-the-line bat, so you’re looking at premium Grade 1 willow, fantastic bat. Nice, big shape, trying to get as much willow in the hitting zone as possible. So, still nice and big up top, and then swooping down to a slightly lower middle, but good for all-round play. Plenty of edge size there too, down to a nice decent size toe, which is fantastic. They’ll come with a toe guard, which is nice. Oval handle in these, slightly oval handle in these, so it gives the feel in the hands a little added bonus there. Nice and good in the hands. Weights on these have come through fantastic as well, so you’re looking at sort of 2.8 – 2.9 in these, they’re a brilliant weight. So if you’re looking for a top-end, premium bat at a great price, the Kingsport Immortal is definitely one to check out. Exciting news — we not only do it in a senior but we’ve also brought out a junior model. So you’re looking at — from small adult, down to size 6, which is brilliant. It’s a top-end junior model. Keeping those same characteristics, trying to get as much willow down as we can into the hitting zone. The oval handle as well, great feel in the hands. So — Kingsport Immortal, first time in a junior range, which we’re really excited about. So — definitely one that we recommend you come in and check out. Visit one of our five stores, or of course, you can see all of the Kingsport range online at

2 thoughts on “Kingsport Immortal — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

  1. Thank you sooo much!!! I scored my first double century with this bat! I will buy more of these and can you make gloves and pads? Thank you.

    My score was 245*

    17 fours and 10 sixes

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