KL Rahul 70 of 35 Balls – KL Rahul Class Batting

as being in phenomenal form 500 runs an
average under 46 a strike rate under 150 110 laughter but we’ve got a prediction
there George Doral the other spinner picks him up just a couple of deliveries
and this time just back past his head couple of steps down the pitch didn’t
quite middle it deliver inside half of the bat but Feliz in enough for the flip
of the bat and a nice forward again I’m going here that’s exactly what I feel Oh
once again inside out over that man that’s outstanding
not too sharp but he’s so good bang the ball in back of the leg
just sitting back in his crease counselors away swats it into the
corporate hospitality saying born in India playing against India George stopping just watch it sails over
his head too big six from the moment it left the bat he just stays there hauls
his position that is wonderful that’s one for the photographers and that’s
gone a long way up and it’s into the trees here at malahide Park
I think that’s into the latrines at the back of the house that’s how far back
that is down goes dispatched down and want me into beyond the tree
on every shot that’s played because the ball is flying into these temporary
stands roll on 38 full toss that’s four spits the two fingers down by the tree
again 50 just flip it along got inside the line of the wall very very quickly
and just hope it along to get to a half-century that was against the West
Indies but this was a half tracker from Bob Boyd Rankin and you can’t Bowl it to
a man like kale Rahul was in such imperious form a pat on the back from
Suresh rider shot spanked away over extra cabinets flown off the bat not
afraid to go over the top and look at that beautiful absolutely beautiful the
island skipper doctor is gone a route finding mission again and that’s
all he wanted again a classically straight back presented even as the ball
flies over the side screen for a six it’s easy as you like
karo cannot believe it was checks the shot at the last moment and the simple
return cast to Kevin over ahead

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