100 thoughts on “Kofi Kingston vs. Brock Lesnar: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

  1. So if seth def. Brock 2 times in one year
    And brock def. Kofi in 10 secs.
    Does this mean seth can beat kofi without having a match ?

  2. Me:come on kofi I hope u win this match it would be special
    Michael cole:An F5 an F5
    Me:😲oK good match kofi even tho u didn’t touch him

  3. I first seached for the highlights of this match to save time…. No wonder I didn't find any link. Thank you for saving my time?

  4. If Daniel Bryan hears this then tell him not to worry anymore about being an idiot of losing the title because kofi made history.

  5. I hope I HOPE that at crown jewel kofi Kingston will attack Brock lesner but kofi won’t turn heel just trying to get Brock lesner attention and they will have kofi would lose but at least it would be MATCH! but it probably won’t happen because of Brock lesner vs Cain however you spell his last name

  6. What a great match lots of action Kofi ran Brock grabs him and that was only half were only halfway folks plenty of action..they are going at it toe to toe..Brock hits the F5.. amazing match!

  7. Me: turns my head for 1+e9 nanoseconds

    Bork: wins championship

    Also me: Maybe if you hadn't ran to him you wouldn't have lost the belt, Kofi.

  8. This was all so that they could do Cain vs Brock on crown jewel, and that ended in 2 minutes…………….. The guy who bloodied lesnar…. yea

  9. On the bright side, Kofi's not the only black champion to lose a world heavyweight championship. Booker T was a 6-time world heavyweight champion.

  10. See this is why I no longer watch the WWE product. You put ignorant fools like Brock Lesnar over while you burry talent like Kofi. Like Brock doesn’t deserve anything. This brand only cares about its top stars that aren’t good at all, but yet WWE STILL feels the need to SHOVE them down our throats.. and if you’re asking who they are I mean why should I tell y’all?! Their on y’all TV screen every week. It’s been nice WWE, but I’m done watching y’all stuff. I’ll head over to AEW. Where it’s actually good 😒

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