Koh Larn Island, Pattaya, Thailand

Gary Gozo Pattaya Thailand. Heading off to
Koh Larn this morning. Koh Larn is an island about a 45 minute boat ride off the coast
of Pattaya. Come along let’s go. Here we are. Ready to get the ferry. Making our way. Give me another smile Oui. Walkiing out to the pier now to catch the ferry. There’s Pattaya. Aboard the ferry boat getting ready to leave for Koh Larn Coming in to Koh Larn. Ahh Tien Beach. Ahh Very nice. Here on Koh Larn we have our noodle soup with chicken, a beer, a coconut and Oui has the exact same thing. Is it good Oui? Yes. Alright. Excellent. Beautiful view here. Walking along the beach with my friend Oui. Hi Oui. Beautiful day here in Koh Larn.
What’s the name of the beach again? Tien. Beach Tien. Beach Tien.OK. Wonderful place. Walking back from Tien Beach. We had a very good day. What did you think? Good day? Alright good Good day today

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