Kohler-Cadmore Goes Big For Yorkshire Against Durham – Royal London One-Day Cup 2018 Highlights

So Yorkshire won the toss. They’re gonna bat first here at the Riverside. Well, that’s three in the over. It’s 24 for none Bouncer and he’s quick on to the pull, Kohler-Cadomore. This time he advances and it’s a great shot. He threads it through but with power. Well that’s been launched and it’s been launched big, yep, it’s been signaled a six. Adam Lyth, it’s gone high in the air. Keeper’s got it, Pointer, really well taken. Beautiful strike from Kohler-Cadmore. He looks in sparkling touch. Opens the face there and third man’s up so that’s excellent batting. He’s going for it and he’s got there. Extremely well played. That’s a wonderful hundred. Oh, Hello. What a six! Well, that is a big blow. He stands and admires it. Went again. What a lovely bat follow-through that is! Another six! Went again. That is a brilliant shot. The hundred and fifty. He’s raced from 100 to 150 with some powerful blows. Well, that might be the biggest of the lot. Right in the slot. Well that one hasn’t been timed, oh and that is it for Kohler-Cadmore. Excellent innings. 164. That’s the free hit ball. This ball is batched for four. And the 300 comes up. Slower delivery, down the ground, mid-on sets himself, and it’s taken! Oh bowled him. 2 in 2! Outside edge and gone. Terrific piece of bowling. One down. Nobody’s moved. Someone will have to throw that back. Well, he’s bowled. He’s just nipped a bail off. Paul Collingwood goes for 12 it’s 22 for 2. Pulled away. Slower ball. Waited for it nicely. Oh gone. Neatly taken and a good wicket that because Latham is a dangerous custom and he’s gone. Down the ground, and I think that’ll probably go all the way. Yup. It does by a couple of yards. Oh well, that is a seriously bad mix up. Nick on, nick on. Leg spinner looks in good fatal, Adil Rashid. Bowled around his legs. Doesn’t matter, been used and bamboozled? That is a lovely stroke, a reverse sweep, he connects with it. Gone! Tried to be too cheeky. Tim Bresnan zoning in on the stumps. Yeah, he’s been good today Adil Rashid, 4 for 47, that was the last ball of his spell. Slower ball and this may be it. Hodd is underneath it and takes it comfortably and casually and that has ended a thumping win for Yorkshire here. They have absolutely hammered Durham.

23 thoughts on “Kohler-Cadmore Goes Big For Yorkshire Against Durham – Royal London One-Day Cup 2018 Highlights

  1. A good way to announce yourself to UK cricket. Early days but if he's showing this form in 2-3 years time he could walk into the test side because he looks a class act in this innings.

  2. They should promote this league some more internationally. It has quite entertaining matches and good players.
    – Not from UK

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