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Wtsapp guys..this the time of year when the
world is eating,sleeping and breathing world cup ..with so many new records being made
& so many being shattered…is there any milestone or record which is nearly impossible to make
in cricket? Lets see…what about
1.half century in 9 balls?? Technically possible if a batsman hits six
in all the balls he face. Sounds impossible?? well Ok, I will allow one 4 in those 9 balls..:-)What,
I am not a monster…ok i will give one more option if 4 looks pretty tough..take 2 runs…enough,
no more bargain… Any batsman will reach either 50 or 52 or
54 with this approach. Sounds like a plan?? Now get it done..OK… Presenty fastest half centry is 12 ball 50
by Yuvraj, Chri Gayle & Hazraatulla.. Yuvraj- Yuvraj achieved his feat against England
in a group match at the inaugural World Twenty20 in 2007 in South Africa, hitting six sixes
in one over from Stuart Broad. Chris Gayle – Chris Gayle smashed fifty from
12 balls for the Melbourne Renegades in the Big Bash League contest with Adelaide Strikers
and Hazraatulla-Afghan opener reached 50 from 12 balls playing for Kabul Zwanan against
Balkh Legends in the Afghanistan Premier League in Sharjah De Villiers 50 in just 16 balls is also worth
mentioning.. What do you say? is it worth a try?? Ok Ok, if you think that was crazy…listen
to this one… 2.Century in 17 balls-Possible?? Technically speaking Yes.. A batsman just have to hit 17 six’s…simple? Ok I will allow one 4 insted of all 6’s..no
more bargain.. Nearest anyone have reached is SA batsman
De Villiers Against West Indies bowling attack,notching up an unbelievable century in just 31 balls…good
but still 14 balls too much..better luck next time buddy… Ready for more such stuff?? lets move towards bowlers now..how does 10
wickets in one day/T20 sound?? Well Sri Lankan Chaminda Vaas’ eight wickets
for 19 runs against Zimbabwe in 2001 remains the only occasion where a bowler has taken
eight wickets in an ODI. Irfan Pathan produced a devastating spell
of fast bowling in Under 19 against Bangladesh & took 9 wickets..pretty close..may be next
time it will be full bounty.. Well Mahaboob Alam actully did it..,cricketer
from Nepal, and this rare feat was performed against Mozambique during the ICC World Cricket
League Division Five 2008 but ICC did not recognize it as ODI. but his
name got recorded in the Guinness World Records.. Jim Laker of England & Anil Kumble of india
have done it in test match..lets see if anyone can acheive it in limited over cricket recognized
by ICC Here’s another one–how does Six wickets in
an over sound-well..29-year-old Australian bowler Aled Carey playing for Golden Point
against East Ballarat, in a Ballarat Cricket Association fourth-team fixture bowled the
incredible over and bowled out 6 batsman in a over.. Can anyone do it at internationl level?? I told u..i have everythig against everyone…come
on feilders…not its your turn… Ten run outs in one inning, does that ring
a bell??? Well New zealand came pretty close when they
got 8 run outs against India in 1999..can any team send all the batsman to pavallion
by run outs? Ricky Ponting sent 80 batsman back to pavellion
by running them out as a feider..but can one feilder send full team
back by running them out? Technicall yes, but practically?? c’on guys..just 10 instance of quick feilding…and
you will be through..what do you say?? Video- GIve me 10 Hey Keepers…stop hiding behind stumps and
comver over..I got one for you also.. Ten stumping in a match…wa…its so simple…
give it a try..Kiran More have the max, 6 stumps in one innings against WI, just add
4 more to it.. So what do u think guys? Won’t it be fun if these milestones are acheived
& records are made? These will be records which cann’t be bettered…
who can take more than 10 wickets in a limited over? Who can make half century or centry faster
than this?Who can stump more than 10 players in a limited over? These records can be matched but cannot be
broken…food for thought? How long big shots will create records which
can be broken? Rise…all the players of world.do something
useful with your lives..and create records which are un-breakable… DOn’t forget to comment your favourait un
breakable record…c ya guys in next video…till then its chao….

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