Koi Chand Rakh Episode 5 – 16th August 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Hey, so how are you? So how was your day today? Mine was really ordinary, but missing you made it special. The weather is pleasant here. Clouds are coming in and a very cool breeze is blowing outside. When I saw the weather outside, I really missed you. You like this weather a lot. Don’t you? And, I have been talking to the weather about you since then. Do you know? What I talked about with the weather? All our discussions revolved only around you. I told the black clouds that Rabi had eyes, as black as they were. And do you know what did the wind say? The wind said that it loved your fragrance, so much so that it steals it from you, wherever you are. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I am not talking like this anymore. Happy? My studies are going absolutely fine. You won’t believe how serious I have become in my studies. I had a test today. And I scored the best amongst all students. Everybody in class is praising me. But what it is to you? You are a qualified doctor. And I am just a student. Standing first in class is very easy for you. I know. To marry you I’ll need a respectable job, a respectable degree, But you just wait and watch. I’ll earn a respectable degree and a job, just for you. I’ll come all prepared to make you mine. How do I tell you? How much I love you! How much I miss you! Listen Zain’s family sent this dress and jewelry. They have asked me to try and see if it fits. You tell me. Does this look okay? You look beautiful. Very beautiful. Thank you. Rabi, should I tell you something. You are so simple and so innocent. What do you mean? I mean you look so excited with the dress and the jewelry. So happy, But you didn’t chose your life partner. You don’t even know his temperament. What he likes or dislikes. You know, I was very young when I came here. I don’t even remember liking, disliking something on my own free will. Uncle and aunty have always decided everything for me, Whether it was my clothes or my future, they always chose the best for me. Think of it like, I found everything on a plate. Rabi there is a big difference between choosing your clothes and your life partner. What’s wrong with you? What if he has a different personality? You are so simple and so different. What if your mentality doesn’t match? Listen to me. If you say, I can arrange a meeting between the two of you. Meet him once, see if you like or dislike him. Now? When everything’s settled? When I’m getting married to him tomorrow? Nishal what will I do now meeting him? Rabi, if you want, you can reject him even now. Nobody will force you for anything. Uncle and aunty chose him for me. How can I say no to him? I don’t care who or how he is. I have accepted him. And what if he doesn’t accept you? Then what? Why won’t he accept me? What is there in me to reject? Its not about something in you that he’ll reject. Why are you being so naive? What if you guys have different mentalities once you get married? And then what if he doesn’t accept you with all his heart? What will you do then? Marriages break. Might be you guys are not made for each other. What will you do then? I’m a simple girl. Harmless. Colorless. Just like water. I’d adjust the way he’ll want me to. We might have different temperaments, but I’ll compromise in all situations. And why are you thinking, that Zain and I are getting married because we wanted to. This wedding is taking place only because of Umair’s stupid wish. Just to stop him. So let it just happen. Its for the best for everyone. I’ll just change and come. Hope you didn’t forget anything at the shop. By the way, I have made arrangements for 100 people. Will it be enough? I have only invited a few selected people. I don’t want any chaos. Nafeesa, aren’t we being unfair to Umair, not telling him about this. I don’t understand what you and Nishaal are thinking. It’s his favorite person’s happy moment in the house, and he has no idea about it. Once he finds out, he’s going to shout and protest. Asad, Umair is a very emotional boy. If he finds out Rabail is getting married, he’ll leave everything and come to Karachi. No exams, no semester. What difference would it make. He could come for 2 days. Its just a two hour flight. I’d still say, lets call him. He can take a flight tomorrow and be here. No. Not at all. Its already too late. But he isn’t coming all the way from Sydney. You’re not understanding. Its very difficult for him. He is having his exams and has to complete his project as well. This is not a joke. Its all up to you. Whatever you say. Its for his betterment and happiness. Oh, so you have become a philosopher now. Oh wow. The love line in your hand is so deep and very long. Wow! It seems, you’re going to make a name for yourself after Majnu (Romeo) Okay now tell me, whether the girl I love, loves me back as much? I see a lot of difficulties. It seems you’ll spend half your age, finding your beloved. I’d day, join the highway police right away. Oh, alright. Whatever you’re saying is entirely useless. I don’t believe anything. Hello. Yes, Ali. I’m in Islamabad. Why? What? When did it happen. (Says a prayer) So, when is the funeral? Tomorrow? Don’t worry. I’ll be there. Okay. What happened? Dude, Ali is my childhood friend. His father passed away and the funeral is tomorrow. I’m think to take a flight tomorrow and be back the day after. And what about the assignment that you have to submit tomorrow? Its okay man. I can submit the assignment once I am back. We could skip on a friend’s happiness, but we need to be there for them during hard times. I’m leaving in the morning. And of course, I was just looking for an excuse to go to Karachi. My heart misses her immensely my friends, can somebody go and find her for me? Madam has sent these. She instructed to put flowers in Rabail’s hairs and in her hands. Masha Allah (praise to the lord) she looks beautiful without the flowers. With them, she’ll look stunning. Where is Nishaal? She has gone to the parlor since 4pm. She isn’t back yet. Oh. Its okay. I think this shade is fine. This is a very light shade. Show me something dark. Something bright. Your dress is already very heavy. I’d suggest you to use a lighter color. I didn’t ask you for your suggestion. I know what suits me. Please give me a darker shade. Okay. As you say. By the way, you’re so gorgeous. No matter what shade you use, it’ll suit you. I want to look the best today. You are that by the grace of God. Show me the shade that you’ve picked. See. Its good, but mix it with this one. Okay. We’ll just merge the two. Fine now? Mix them now. Perfect. Go marry that below average girl and play the flute of peace for your entire life. A beautiful girl like me, isn’t written in your fate. So its done Nishaal. You’ll now see me marrying Rabail in front of your eyes. Now look at that. How innocent and serious is he sitting, to fool us. Although we know his heart is dancing inside. Oh no man. He’s actually sad. Now this bird is finally caged and being handed over to his master. Now we know how hard is it to cage a parrot. Then we’ll have to tell our sister in law to be watchful. Because he’s a parrot and he can change his eyes any time. Stop this nonsense guys. Oh yes. That’s it boys. Why are you teasing this helpless chap? Helpless and he? Of course. Look at him. Since when did he become helpless. He use to teach us to flirt until a few days ago. Let’s go. Everybody is waiting. Yes. Papa. Masha Allah (Praise to the Lord) You’re looking very handsome. Thanks Papa. Remember. If you follow your dad’s advise. You’ll always be successful. Yes. Come. We’re waiting for you. Lets go. After you. (Giggles and singing) Hello, brother groom. I am feeling uncertain that I might lose you. If you settle all my uncertainities, I’ll put aside my stubborness. You’ve promised to wait for me. Now don’t back out. The river of love, needs no rains. But you have to water the plant of trust to nurture it. I might have surpassed you in love. But I want to hold your finger and walk with trust. What happened? Why did you stop the car? Sir the car is punctured. It’ll take ten minutes to change the tire. You’ll have to wait a little. Oh. But please hurry and change the tire. I’ll wait outside. Zain Abrar, son of Abrar Ahmed, Do you take Rabail, daughter of Khawar Hassan to be your wife, with a wedding dower of Rs. 1 million? I do. Do you? I do. Do you? I do. Hello? Hello? Rabail Khawar Hassan, do you take Zain Abrar, son of Abrar Ahmed, to be your husband, with a wedding dower of Rs. 1 million? I do. Please make a prayer for the married couple. Nafeesa see, Umair is here. This is what a connection is. Do you believe me now? Umair, dear. Listen to me. Come here. Such a big lie! You guys deceived me big time! Umair, for my sake. For your father’s sake, please. Umair this is a very sensitive situation. Please relax. Understand? You did wrong mama. You’ve destroyed my whole life. Come. Come lets go. Come with me. Come. Who was he? Umair. Umair? Oh, your brother. Who lives in Islamabad. Is he the one right? He’s here. That’s good. Camera. I’m very tired. Could I please go inside. Umair. Umair? Lies! Why did you do this to me?! Why did you do this to me! Answer me, why did you do this! Dear. Please listen to me. Umair! Answer me, right now! Or else, I’ll destroy each and everything! Why did you do this to me? Why did you destroy my life? Answer me! Dear. I beg of you my son. Listen. No I want an answer. Why did you do this to me? Why did you destroy my life! Why did you take my life away from me! Umair whats wrong dear? Whats wrong with him? Aunty… I’ll answer him. You please take care of the guests. I’ll talk to him. Umair. Enough. Enough! Don’t say another word now. You thought I was an idiot? Someone stupid. Did you think?! You’d sign the marriage contract and belong to someone else. And I? I’ll just sit and watch! No! No! You’re mine! Only mine! Do you understand! You cannot belong to someone else! Umair. Leave me! No. I’ll not leave you. Don’t be afraid. I won’t even let you die. You’ll pay for what you did. Umair, leave me. No! Ill-mannered! Shameless! You forget to respect your elders. She’s your elder sister! No. She’s not! Rabail, is not my sister! You’ll hit me. Come on hit me! Even if you shoot me I’ll say that Rabi isn’t my sister! I love her. I have loved her since childhood! Why didn’t she understand me, Papa? Why didn’t you people understand my love for her? Why? Why?! Umair? (Asad & Nafeesa): Umair open your eyes. Asad what’s wrong with my son. Umair! We need to get him to a hospital. Doctor, how is my son now? He has had a nervous breakdown. He’s in serious shock which has resulted in this condition. Doctor, I cannot tell you much right now. But tell me, if he’s out of danger. No, no. He’s fine for now. Usually patients are at a risk of brain hemorraghe or a heart attack. But he’s out of danger. He has to remain under observation for 24 hours. Then you can take him home. Thank you very much doctor. I have no idea what has happened to my young, smart and such a handsome son. Oh God. What should I do no. He never told me what was in his heart! A stranger is always a stranger. Do you understand! Its all Rabail’s fault. What are you saying Nafeesa! Papa, mama is right. Rabail is responsible for Umair’s condition. Its because of her, Umair is in such a condition. Oh God. Please take care of my son. Keep him in your mercy. Please. Oh. I am regretting all this really. Did you see Nishaal? She looked beautiful. Just like a doll! I couldn’t avert my eyes from her. Really, if I had seen her before the wedding. I would have made your dad agreed for her proposal. Mom you’re right. I also want brother’s bride to be very fun loving, lively. But I don’t understand one thing. Why did Papa and brother like Rabail instead of Nishaal? Isn’t she weird? Very quiet, with an attitude. I smell medicines when I look at her. Oh, now be quiet. Don’t say anything in front of Zain or your papa. Everything’s done now. Let it be. Oh c’mon mama. Why would i say something to anyone. Just telling you what I thought. Really, but I cannot forget that girl. She was so beautiful. So? What did you think? That I am an idiot? Stupid? What did you think! You’ll sign the wedding contract, take your vows and below to someone else? No! Hello Nishaal. (Nafeesa: hello), hello. Go dear. Go to your aunt. Hello dear. Oh wait, you naughty girl. How are you dear? Asad, she is so scared? Will she be able to forget her parents? It was god’s wish Nafeesa. But now. From today, Rabail is our daughter, just like Nishaal and Umair. See dear, he’s your brother Umair. Please be careful. You’ll take care of him, right? Rabail, please take care of him. See Umair doesn’t fall. Keep an eye on him. Oh Rabail. You didn’t keep an eye on him right. Umair fell down. I’ll bandage him. Oh, so you’re a doctor right? Where did my dear get hurt? Eat fast Umair. Good boy. Very nice. See Nafeesa, you’ve made Umair so attached to Rabail. He eats with Rabail, studies from her, doesn’t sleep without her. She must get tired doing Umair’s chores throughout the day. What can I do Asad. See for yourself. Umair and Rabail are together all the time. He only calls for her. Of course. You’ve found my niece to babysit Umair free of cost. Never say that again. I’ve never differentiated between Rabail and Nishal. I don’t like such jokes. Oh dear, I was just joking.

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