Kookaburra Kahuna #IWD Special Edition — Cricket Bat Review 2020/21

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Players Special Edition. To coincide with the World Cup Final, the Women’s World Cup Final, Kookaburra have brought out a special International Women’s Day version of the Kahuna. Obviously as you can see, it’s not its traditional green, it’s in more of the colours of International Women’s Day, in the pink and the purple, and it looks absolutely fantastic. So, as I said, this is the Pro version. You get the traditional Kahuna shape, great shape, that nice high spine in there, the big, high edges, and you’ll get a little bit of concaving in it, obviously. Fantastic Grade 1 willow. These are absolutely fantastic bats, Kookaburra have done a great job with these — these are absolutely awesome. The pickup on these are fantastic, the middles are awesome. You also get the new Vertex grip in them. So, not only do they do the Pro version, they’ve got one in the mid range, so this is the Kahuna Pro 3.0. So again, obviously, the same Kahuna shape. You do get a toe guard on that version. And then they also go down to sort of an entry level point — So this is the Kahuna Pro 5.0. Again, same traditional Kahuna shape, toe guard, plus these are sleeved and ready to go. The 5.0 also comes in a Junior, so from Small Adult down to a Size 4. So, a Special Edition in the Kahuna. So basically, any Kookaburra player — any Kookaburra contracted player that’s playing in the Women’s World Cup Final will be using this Special Edition in that game, so that’s super cool. Great idea from Kookaburra. They’re all fantastic bats, right from the Pro Players down to the 5.0, into the Juniors — absolutely superb. Kookaburra have done a great job. So, come in and check it out at one of our four stores, or of course, you can see the full Kookaburra range online at kingsgrovesports.com.au.

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