Kookaburra Shadow — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Kookaburra Shadow. Brand new range from Kookaburra for this season — season 2019/20. We think these are going to be a winner. So, fantastic bat. Nice long spine, nice low swell, so great for those guys that like to get on the front foot and dominate. Swooping down into that duckbill toe, a lot of Kookaburra’s players are now preferring this shape, so they’ve decided to put it in a bat for all of us to use, which is great. So you’ve got a chevron grip, they all come with a chevron grip. Again, that’s what the players tend to prefer. The oval handle, as well, that gives it a nice feel in the hands, also helps with a little bit of control, hopefully stopping that bottom hand from taking over. As you can see, super graphics from Kookaburra, these things look really cool on the shelf. A few models in this that we’ll carry — so, I’ve got the Pro Players model here, so obviously top of the line, Grade 1 willow, fantastic performance out of these, great sweet spots. They’re nice and light, good feel in these, you’re looking at about, generally 2.8, 2.9 in these, really good in the hands, pick up superbly. We’ll also carry the Pro 2000 model, so down to a Grade 2 in this one, but still, superb performance, you still get that same shape, that low middle, the duckbill toe. You also get a rubber toe on this to look after the toe. Still get that chevron grip, the oval handle. The weights in these, you’re still looking at the same, 2.8 – 2.9. Superb in the hands. And then, for the juniors that like the model, we’re also going to carry this down in the Pro 2000 as well in the Shadow. Again, replicating that same shape in all the senior models, with that lower swell as well, fantastic. Toe guard on that to look after it, chevron grip, oval handle, great for the control in the hands, for the kids. If you want to check this out, and I recommend that you do, visit one of our five stores, or of course, you can check them all out at kingsgrovesports.com.au.

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