Korea Top 10 – S1E3_02 Asia’s best paragliding spot 아시아 최고의 패러글라이딩

We set off to our first destination from the
Express Bus Terminal, where footsteps to all corners of Korea diverge. Mungyeong Flying Land held the Paragliding
World Cup three times in the past, making it Asia’s premier paragliding venue. Visitors are taken to the top of the mountain
by a company truck. It’s a short 15-minute ride. The wild experience starts at the foot of
the mountain with a bumpy truck ride through the narrow mountain road. The
take-off strip offers a magnificent panorama
that unfolds from the top of the mountain. The peaks of the Baekdu Mountain Range appear
in the distance. What does it feel like to take off from 860
meters above sea level? Yumdda gets ready to experience it for himself. In tandem paragliding, the passenger is in
the safe hands of a trained pilot. Before the flight, everyone must wear knee
pads, gloves, and helmets and take other safety precautions. Air enters the wing through the slits in the
front. The back of the wing has no openings. Lift is generated by this design. One paraglider suddenly takes off into the
air. He sails nonchalantly into the beautiful sky. Mungyeong Flying Land is located on what was
once a coal mine site. It’s now Asia’s premier paragliding spot with
views that are comparable to the Swiss Alps. His paraglider is ready to launch and Yumdda
is strapped on. It’s Yumdda’s first flight in a paraglider
and he’s half scared, half excited. He can only give an outcry at the thrill of
the flight. Yumdda is already lost in the wild charms
of paragliding. What he’s experiencing is not flight, but art. Depending on which course you choose, the
flight duration will range from 10 to 30 minutes. The pilot can make hairpin turns or steep
dives to double the thrill. The pilot banks left to show Yumdda what kind
of maneuvers can be made in the air. How will Yumdda rate paragliding in his Wild Experience
Factor? So how did he like paragliding?

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  1. Korea has some of the best paragliding spots in East Asia. I have some videos on my channel of my flights and info about where you can try it out!

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