Korean baseball is different.

[Narrator]: It’s the twent… game in the middle of the season. Today is uh, that one team against the uh… Well actually we’re not sure because Soo Zee and Leigh don’t really follow baseball. On the home team Soo Zee Kim has been to exactly one baseball game in the entirety of her life. Also in the roster is Leigh Cooper who still isn’t sure what exactly a shortstop does. So far no score, bases are loaded, you can feel the excitement from the crowd. [cheering] Ahh, now that beer looks icy cold. And it’s straight down the center! There is just something about cold beer on a hot summer day We’re just coming into the fourth inning here and I’ve got to say this is some of the most intense cheering Soo Zee and Leigh have ever seen. The day is really heated up and as we wrap up the fifth inning Soo Zee and Leigh are a little bit lost. Okay, there are four places you have to go and how you make scores are very very simple. There’s a ball coming in you have to hit and nobody has to catch it. So that’s basic rule number one: don’t, don’t get your balls catched… or grabbed by anyone. So you repeat that nine times. Nine times! That’s why three hours to four hours and there’s a lot of different rules but that doesn’t really matter. That’s the only thing that matters you don’t really have to pay attention because they will say you know it’s going to be… they say… Like ball or like strike or whatever or whatever. I think so I think so and there’s many many many many many many many mini many rules many mini rules there are little mini rules that I don’t really know but it’s going to be fine It’s cooled down a bit now here in the sixth inning and things are picking up! ♪ Take me out to the ballgame ♫ The first half of the seventh inning is over that means it’s time for… And what’s it time for? I forget. What do they do after the seventh inning? Yeah that Baseball? Okay so here’s the deal… First of all in a regular season of soccer there’s like 38 games for the season which is like one to two games a week. That’s a pretty reasonable time commitment but baseball is like 144 games during the season so in baseball season you have to watch 2 to 3 baseball games a week and they’re like 3 hours long so basically it’s a part-time job just to keep up with your baseball hobby. Second of all, the World Cup. Need I say more? and lastly like in soccer every second of the game counts. Because if you look away for one second you might miss the goal that makes it all but I don’t know… with Baseball *shrug* It just sort of feels like you can check the scores in the paper the next day and it’s like fine. I mean these people don’t even want to watch it. They’re just playing pool. Top of the eighth inning and it’s still anyone’s game! Huh. Something strange is happening to Leigh. She’s not sure if it’s the beer or the chicken uh, or the cheering but She might be changing her mind about baseball. [Leigh]: Why don’t we do this more often!?! [Narrator]: This is nothing like watching a baseball game on TV. Soo Zee Kim and Leigh Cooper were surprised that coming to a game is in a whole different league. [Leigh]: That was my favorite. It was good, it was good. [Narrator]: Their team may have lost today or it may have won. Who knows? It is still a win for baseball.

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  1. Wow I always thought baseball was a super American thing (you know American's favorite pastime and all) but oh man Koreans are serious about their ball game
    Do they sell ball park hotdogs too? Or is that still just American

  2. I feel like baseball makes good background noise on tv. Going to the game is a lot more fun though.

  3. This was the Lotte Giants of Busan playing at the Doosan Bears in Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Doosan is one of three Seoul teams, sharing Jamsil Baseball Stadium with the LG Twins while the Nexen Heroes play across town at the Gocheok Sky Dome, which is in an odd coincidence just one stop from one of Simon and Martina's apartments in Seoul.

  4. Love the channel & miss you guys from the EYK days. Are you guys still cool with M&S? If so do you guys stay in contact? thnx!

  5. I love baseball and going to a game is much better then watch. Now I will have to add going to a Korean baseball game to my bucket list.

  6. I LOVE BASEBALL! PITTSBURGH PIRATES WOOOOOO. sorry got excited. im just so happy you made a video about baseball

  7. Korean Baseball is the best thing ever. I love that you have chants for every individual player. I love that you get plastic bags to put on your head. I love all that plus the fact that you can all the beer, fried chicken, and pizza you could possibly want.

  8. The narrating voice is just perfect for the non-excitement of the beginning and the change of heart towards the end 🙂

  9. Things never pick up in baseball. This games are so boring a player could get shot on the field and nobody would notice. Embarrassing !

  10. I went to my first baseball game in Japan this year. It went to extended time. 'Our' team one. The most exciting thing for me was letting the balloons go (-it's a thing here.)

  11. Baseball is easy to explain. If I may modify something said about cricket:

    You have two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each player that's in the side that's in goes out, and when they're out they come in and the next player goes in until they're out. When they are all out, the side that's out comes in and the side that's been in goes out and tries to get those coming in, out. Sometimes you get players still in and not out.

    When a player goes out to go in, the players who are out try to get them out, and when they're out they go in and the next player in goes out and goes in. There are people called umpires who stay all out all the time and they decide when the player who are in are out. When both sides have been in and all the players have been out, and both sides have been out nine times after all the players have been in, including those who are not out, that is the end of the game!

    See? Easy.

    I prefer football too.

  12. Lol if anything I remembered my own aversion to baseball (yes soccer jjang; NO LEIGH N SOOZEE DON'T FALL FOR IT) and finally know what a shortstop is myself, from very extensive (*0.03s of) googling

    .. and also how to make scores.. 4 places.. balls.. mm, chicken

  13. Still better, than going half across the country to see the last "soccer" season match, between your hometown team, and the team that is going to win the league. Seeing your team getting beaten 4:0, realising, that they are not serving beer to the your "rowdy" away team fans, and almost getting beaten by the home team fans on the way to the stadium. Then going to the near pub for some beers, to wash away the shame, and actually get in the fight with home team fans. After that, somehow magically getting to the train station, whilst still managing to get some beers for the journey home. And after all of that, you realise, that you have drunk like fifteen to twenty beers, and you are not even remotely drunk.
    What a fun way to waste weekend, spend so much money, and have enough bruises to remember the day for the next few months.
    God, i wisht this peacefull kind of baseball was popular here.

  14. I saw the theme of the video was baseball, and I was considering whether or not I actually wanted to watch the video, but boy am I glad I clicked on it because this was so entertaining.
    You made baseball entertaining. That's a major feat.

  15. America has a lot to learn from Korean fans. That looked like fun, and I don't even care about Baseball.

  16. I don't have much baseball in my country so when I went to Korea, I decided to go with my friends to a Lotte Giants vs Doosan Bears game and it was amazing! The crowd was so enthusiastic and it was actually a very exciting game.
    Even though that was the first baseball game I watched, I knew all the rules because I watch baseball anime like Diamond no Ace and Big Windup.. I was the one having to explain to my other asian friends XD

  17. I've been to 2 baseball games in Korea and it was waaaay more exciting than any game back in the states. I also went to a World Cup soccer game recently and the energy in that stadium while Korea played was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Koreans know how to support their sports teams!

  18. I'm so intrigued about the variations of plastic bag hats…. is this just a baseball thing or is it a sports thing?

  19. We were in Seoul last year for 1 week and went to 5 baseball games. The fan atmosphere is so different from the North American game. Fan chants, team and player songs, so much fun !!! (beer may have factored in too). 😋 I've got 2 Doosan Bears jerseys. Definitely recommend going to a game there.

  20. the same thing that happened to Leigh, happened to me too with basketball. Moved to US 5 years ago, still had no clue of the rules, until this year when I actually went to see the Nets vs Cavs and the energy and the chanting turned everything around. I actually watched all the NBA finals this year. So proud of myself!

  21. I haven't been to a game since 2011. Do they still let you buy chicken and bear outside of the stadium and bring it in? I heard they stopped doing that

  22. Pitched Narrator's voice higher and Leigh's voice lower, they don't sound alike. Disappointed. WHO IS NARRATOR?!?

  23. The "How to Score in Baseball" bit was my fav part 😂 I don't even like baseball, but you guys make the topic so fun in your own way.

  24. I love the Korean cheering… culture? At games and stuff! So heart warming~ ♡ I hope that one day Do Stuff will get to go experience the World Cup, Korean Style!

  25. 1시간이나 2시간 전에 들어가서 자리잡고 소주마시면서 살짝취하면 경기때 소주로 달궈진 기분으로 소리지르면서 맥주로 목축이고 술깨서 집에가면 개꿀…

  26. "With baseball you could just check the score in the paper the day and be like… 'fine'…" LOL. From a baseball fan, that is so true. Too many games. It doesn't get really exciting until it's towards the end of season.

  27. Hi I'm a boy that is Korean. I'm a fan of baseball. In Korea, there is a culture in baseball. We sing a song and dance. It is cheering. I hope that Korean baseball culture is be famous from all over the world.

  28. O~lotte lee dae ho~ O~WO~lotte lee dae ho~오 롯데 이대호~롯데 이대호~롯데이대호~

  29. The game of baseball requires patience on the part of everyone from umpires, coaches, players, and fans.

    In the game of soccer (futbol) as a fan, I get tired watching a ball get kicked from one end of the field (pitch) to the other, one player looks identical to the other (for the exception of the goalie) who for the likes of me don't understand why he/she wears a different uniform from the rest of the team (strange).

    I enjoy the game of baseball and football much better when compared soccer basically because I'm not good at kicking soccer balls.

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