Korea’s joint women’s ice hockey team plays first match together

The joint Korean women’s ice hockey team had
their first and only practice match before the Olympics begin on Friday. And while Sunday night’s friendly against
Sweden didn’t end in victory — it was a decent result for a squad that’s only had a few days
to train together before playing one of the world’s best teams. Lee Ji-won has more. Korea’s joint women’s ice hockey team took
to the rink together on Sunday for their first competitive game with the Winter Olympics
just a matter of days away. Playing against fifth-ranked Sweden,… Team Korea lost the friendly three-one. But Korea’s head coach was happy with what
she saw. “I think tonight’s game was a great effort
from our team. We played Sweden in July, last summer. And it was a very one-sided game, they dominated
us pretty well. But I felt like today was very back and forth
and our team has greatly improved since July.” Of the twelve North Korean players who joined
the squad, four were included in the 22-woman roster for Sunday’s match. Jong Su-hyon played forward in the second
line, Ryo Song-hui played forward in the third line and Kim Un-hyang played forward in the
fourth line together with defense Hyong Chung-gum . Considering how the North Korean players had
less than two weeks to train with the squad,… Murray said they put in impressive performances. “I think the North Korean players played really
well. Being added twelve days ago and not getting
practice together all that much, they played our systems pretty well. So I’m very impressed with them today.” Under an agreement reached last month by the
International Olympic Committee, the national committees of both Koreas and the PyeongChang
Organizing Committee,… twelve North Korean players were added to South Korea’s 23-woman
squad. And of the 22 players available to play each
game, three North Korean players must be included in every game. Korea’s joint ice-hockey team have their first
game at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics on February 10th,… against Switzerland in the
preliminary round. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

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  1. its like when you have to let someones little sibling play with you and incorporate them into the game, and it ruins the fun and competitiveness for everyone usually.

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