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Welcome in Oberhausen at BAT OUT OF HELL We had the chance to talk to the leading actors of the new show and you gonna see that now! First question: Who are you and who are you playing? My name is Robin Reitsma and I’m playing Strat in BooH – The Musical. I’m Willemijn Verkaik and I’m playing the role of Sloane. I’m Maureen Mac Gillavry and I’m playing Cover Raven and Valkyrie. Have you seen the show in London and if so what did you like the most? I saw the show twice in London. Once with Jordan the most recent London Strat and with Andrew, the Original Strat in London. I really liked it. I thought I’d only know the music. But how they blend them into the story was just awesome. The stage set, of which you only see a bit here, is amazing! If you want to know, how it looks in whole, come and see it here! I watched it, when I knew I had this contract offer. So then I came to London and I was like: Okay, what is this thing? And I’ve heard so much about it, but I still don’t know it? So I watched it with a different kind of view. I was like: Do I want to be in it? Do I fit in it? But I really, really liked it – Especially once I saw the ensemble, cause that’s my first cast role You know, I’m from the ensemble. And then I saw how much they do and how much energy they give So then I was like: Okay, this is cool! I saw the show in London, when I thought about auditioning for the role I wanted to know, what the role is all about What kind of a woman she is, how she is. That’s why I was there. And what did you like the most? The role of Sloane No, for real. I really liked it, so i was pleased to audition. She is funny and has the best songs. What did you adapt from the Original role and what did you put into it to make her your own? I would say, I recreated the role for myself, because it was a while, since I saw the show I have it in the back of my mind, but I always try to start from zero and create it with the director. I think, we all worked with Nick Evans, the Associate Director, to create our own versions of the roles during the rehearsal process. And I only saw the show during my audition phase and that was 2 month before we started rehearsing. That’s why I hadn’t had a clear memory of how Andrew and Jordan played the show. And I actually liked that, because that way I could make the role my own. What I really liked with the London version (of Raven), that she was so free and her whole body was in it. But then I also realised how angry she is the whole time And then I thought – okay, I also want a little bit of sweetness in the character to feel also more like me cause I’m not a very angry person in general Describe your character in 3 emojis! You need a phone to scroll through? Yea, maybe! This one, I think. With puppy dog eyes like “Really?” And the angry one But against Falco – Right! Wasted Youth!
– Right! And I guess one of those! Because it’s more like “We’re totally crazy! And we’re all like that in The Lost!” I thought you’d take that one! – Because that’s always ~
– No, that’s actually that’s the whole iconic thing, not the role But if we had to describe the whole show, than it’s actually rock’n’roll, iconic and if you sit through the first scene you’re like: “Excuse me, what?” But after we play two scenes and two songs you really dive into the story and that’s why I think the German translation works so well. I know definitely one. Cause she also have the one with the *explosion* thing! – Where is it?
– This one! Cause she’s also like *pow pow pow* Like “Aye, yeah – that would fit with Raven!” The Heart Eyes! Cause she’s the whole time like “Huh, Strat!” She is VERY in love! Very quick! Very fast! Like teenage love – how it is. I think also this one with the~ She’s going crazy the whole time – Moaning
– Like frustrated Like the same as that one, but ~ And with the sunglasses also a little bit like Cool and “I wanna be with the dudes!” Part of The Lost Sooo, that woman. She is – like that. That woman is also a bit like that. Like that! – Something like that.
– That’s quite accurate. What can live theatre offer you that a movie can’t? First of all you can´t pause a musical or play. So you can´t have a pee break or something like that. You have to watch and listen to it the whole time. And I believe that this way you get involved in the story even more. You can really feel the energy on stage when you’re in the theatre. How would you convince your mum to take you to the show if you were a 13 year old teen? What do I say to her to get her to buy tickets? So mum, you’re probably my age. Meat Loaf is obviously super amazing These are songs by Meatloaf! The message we send. And the music, the whole scenery, a great cast where everyone is able to sing great Because we all are really good. This is also really interesting to all the people. What was your biggest muscial fail ? Or your most embarrassing moment on stage? It wasn´t really emabarrassing because the people were not able to see it. But I ripped ap art my leather pants already like ten times. But I got a black thing underneath so you can´t really see that I ripped it apart. I can talk about one story from Wicked. Do you hear it? – Please! So I played in Wicked for the people how don´t know me. It’s about the green witch of the west. We had a song in the 2nd act that is called “No Good Deed” Then I finished the song with like a big with a move like that and then I am supposed to leave the stage with my cape really quickly. and during that I got caught up in my dress and instead of leaving like this I fell and I could not get up so instead of walking I had to crawl – Oh God So Strat is like the leader of the Lost who don´t age because their DNA mutation. What would you say: Are you jealous or do you feel sorry for him ? I’m wondering because…how old are you? I am 26 years old – Me too And I feel like right now it is the time where you slowly turn into a real grown-up. Puh, good question… When you are 18 it is diffuclt period of time because you learn so much for me it was a hard time and because all of the time you have some many emotinal things going on Everything is really difficult and that’s why I think it´s hard to answer… I think I like getting older. and that is why I don’t remember how you said it… You feel sorry ? – Ya right At the moment Sloane lives in that rather unhappy realtionship With that tyrannical Falco but still has this love for Raven If she could go back in time and do things differently Do you believe she would do it ? And if so – what? If I hadn’t gone out with Falco? Well… of course it is difficult because Falco gave me Raven and that is like my … It is such a diffcult thing, because what would you do if you loved someone but there is still something that is completely wrong in that relationship. And she pulls herself together by being funny… and by taking good care of Raven. Maybe it would have remained the same. Ya come over we will see each other in Oberhausen at “Bat out of Hall” and hopefully see you soon You come over to Oberhausen And watch “Bat out of Hall” Bye 2 tickets for 1! Link in the description.

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  1. Schön, das mal wieder ein Video auf dem Kanal kommt.
    Seitdem ich die Insta Srories gesehen hab, war ich ziemlich exited ^^.
    Danke für eure Mühe!

  2. Ich habe BooH auch schon in Oberhausen gesehen und muss sagen ich liebe dieses Musical so sehr!!
    Es lohnt sich echt es anzusehen! Do it😆😍

  3. Sehr gutes Video!!😊
    Ich sitze in zwei Stunden in meiner dritten Show BooH. Ich liebe dieses Musical und es ist einfach nur zu empfehlen!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  4. Omg! Willemijn Verkaik

    Sie hat die deutsche Version von "Let it Go" aus Frozen gesungen und Sie war die Erstbesetzung von Wicked – Die Hexen von Oz als Elphaba

  5. Würde mich echt freuen, wenn jemand helfen mag, das Video auf Englisch zu untertiteln für die englischen Bat-Fans 🙂
    Einfach auf die 3 Punkte neben den Daumen klicken (…) und "Übersetzung hinzufügen" drücken 🙂
    Danke an alle freiwilligen :3

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  7. Super cooles Interview und Video :-). Bat out of Bat Out Of Hell – Das Musical ist der hammer. Was für ein geiles Bühnenbild, Technik, Musik, Darsteller echt super. Ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder. Meine Eltern waren auch begeistert. Dieses Musical muss man gesehen haben. Es ist geschmackssache und es ist speziel aber für mich im positiven Sinne. Als ich nur die Londoner CD gehört habe habe ich mich verliebt in dieses geile Musical. 😍😍😍🔥🤘🦇. Bei jedem Lied von BooH hatte ich Herzklopfen. Bei Tinks Lied und Tod habe ich geweint, bei "Jetzt kommt alles zurück zu mir" und bei "Ich würd aus Liebe alles tun auch". Als Strat das so süß zu Raven gesagt hat das er sie immer lieben würde und als dann die Melodie kam hatte ich Gänsehaut und als Robin dann auch noch angefangen hat zu singen ging gar nix mehr, da habe ich dann einfach geweint. Bei jedem Lied hatte ich Gänsehaut. Als ich auch nur die CD gehört habe konnte ich schon mit den Charakteren mitfühlen obwohl ich das Musical noch nicht gesehen habe. Ich liiiiiiebe BooH einfach. Ich war am 31.12.18 das erste Mal da. Am 9.2 war ich in beiden Shows und am 10.2 habe ich ne Backstageführung gemacht und war in der mittags Show. Am 30.3 gehe ich in beide Shows und am 31. 3 in die mittags Show. Von BooH kann man nie genug bekommen. In London habe ich BooH leider nie gesehen. Was ist eure Lieblingsszene und Song bei BooH?

  8. Tolles Video und tolles musical 😁
    Durfte es Schon einmal sehen und werde auf jedenfall ein zweites mal hineingehen 😊

  9. Oh ich hoffe, dass, wenn wir Ende Mai endlich bat out of hell sehen, wir maureen als raven haben 😍 was ich bis jetzt so von sarah kornfeld gehört habe hat mich nicht so richtig überzeugt._.

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  16. ich kann immer noch nicht glauben, dass ihr bei der premiere in oberhausen dabei wart und ich euch zu dem zeitpunkt einfach nicht kannte :((( die wahrscheinlichkeit euch zu treffen liegt bei null, weil ich vier stunden von oberhausen entfernt wohne und ihr… naja 😀 war trotzdem cool ❤️

  17. Damit vertreibt man sich doch gerne seine Zeit °^°

    Ich weiss, ich bin einbisschen spät, hoffe dass du trotzdem noch liest wie vielen das Format gefällt besonders wenns von euch kommt.. Schleim schleim
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