KPOP Idols Passando Vergonha Na Frente De Outros Idols

No matter when or where, awkward moments always happen at some point in our lives And this whole situation gets even worse, or funnier, when there’s someone to watch Which usually generates very mixed and funny reactions I’m going to talk in these videos about some iconic moments, when Idols ended up having embarrassing moments in front of their groupmates But before I start, I just wanted to ask you to subscribe to the channel. This is very important because this is how you will get all the next videos that I will release Also, if you can, leave a like that will help me a lot If you want to interact more directly with me, you can follow me on my Instagram, which is this one At the beginning of BTS’s career, Namjoon group leader has already spoken openly about his difficulties with dance Emphasizing sometimes that his Stage name was Rap Monster and not Dance Monster However, Namjoon seemed to love showing off his dancing skills when the group participated in some variety show One of the most iconic moments of the group happened in one of the Weekly Idol episodes, when idol decided to show some steps Which generated very funny reactions from your groupmates. Suga and Jungkook even refusing to see the scene Another somewhat embarrassing situation happened when the group went on another variety show In one segment of the show, the subject turned around how good Jungkook was in sports and his achievements in his high school days Everything was fine until the MCs asked Maknae to do some pushups with the other guest on that edition of the show, Park Ji Yoon on his back Jungkook is an expert in handball I was ranked #2 in the national in a physical examination and it was through a handball competition Ya, get down the floor Can you carry Park Ji Yoon? When Blackpink appeared on Knowing Brothers, Jennie claimed that one of her special talents was to eat snacks without making any sound Jennie’s talent was quickly demystified when she made an overwhelming noise while eating I can eat a Snack without make any sounds I’ll try it again Twice Sana is known to be one of KPOP’s cutest and most clumsy Idol. She usually provides viral, funny and bit embarrassing moments When i warm up my voice in the morning, I can make the sound of a cellphone’s vibration While at Twice we have Tzuyu and Chaeyoung who are extremely agile and flexible We also have Sana, who has a little more difficulty in this matter In one of GOT7’s weekly idol appearances, the group was subjected to some punishment prepared by the program’s MCs The group was commissioned to participate in the Random Play Dance, a popular part of the show But this time there was a penalty at stake. With each group error, they would be forced to react to embarrassing clips of various GOT7 appearances in dramas Apink’s Naeun caused in her group a very embarrassing and very unusual situation when she dropped a prize that the group had just received It’s normal to see female groups with a cute concept using aegyo as one of their resources But things seem to tweak a little differently with Red Velvet This is because it is clear the reaction of discomfort and embarrassment of other members when one of them tries to act cute

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