86 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to block the Baseball Bat

  1. But when ur a fighter then ur always in preparation for it. If u watch the street fights of those with any sort of MMA or martial arts training u will see they are a step ahead of their opponent. So I disagree with u.

  2. yeah pretty cool in theory but i want to see these so called experts in real  fights.. not dissing their knowledge but a real fight is a much more complicated scenario , even more if your opponent has a considerable size

  3. more bullshit if someone has a baseball bat throw something at his face and kick to the balls and run! 

  4. Each country had a unique domain address
    At 0:10, you see the url of the program, Note that ".it" stands for Italy, so they are speaking Italian.

  5. Sono perfettamente d'accordo per quanto riguarda la chiusura della distanza. Tuttavia per esperienza personale mi sono trovato molto meglio mettendo la mano corrispondente alla parte dove arriva l'attacco sulla nuca (in modo da avere il gomito verso l'avversario) e con l'altro gomito andare ad impattare sul viso avversario. Molto più veloce e pratico secondo me.

  6. nur schlecht, wenn der baseball mann sich auch bewegt, dann klappt das so wie alles beim krav maga nie und nimmer axel ucc hamburg

  7. i like this form of trap. you better catch him at the right time after he loads up to swing. this is obviously going to take a lot of practice, but once inside you gain the advantage. i like it. never gone up against a bat before. thank for the vid.

  8. Sorry, but, as a practitioner of Okinawan karate for over 38 years one of the MANY things I can say about KM is that when you are specifically taught what to do (or what 'might' work in any self defense situation ) the manner in which the brain is receiving and processing the information is how the brain will ( or attempt ) to execute/translate the information in an actual, physical motion whose sole ambition is to react naturally and without having to 'think' about what you are doing and thus greatly heightens the chance that the defender will not act naturally or, in accord, with the nuances of each and every 'attack' that define its individuality

  9. Some krav maga moves are just total bullshit! haha
    how the hell are you going to counter a baseball bat with your elbow up and hand down? Like the guy cant just redirect a few inches upward and hit your head…
    just go towards it but protect always using your hands and reach for it

  10. this is impossible to do in a street fight.  Best to run if he has a bat and you dont have anything. Same with a knife.  Run the fuck away

  11. I really do appreciate these free informative videos. I am also quite shocked to see less appreciation among all the comments. it looks like most of the commentator just wannah be internet tough guys.
    These really are great videos. I learned all of this myself many years ago- but watching is extremely pleasant, and helps me to enjoy visualizing in a fresh new way.

  12. For each attack, many counterattacks are possible. This is just one scenario. Important is to make each movement as natural as possible, procedural memory… or muscle memory. Each one of us, may know ten different ways to get the same result. Train!

  13. The attacker with the baseball bat just has to step back when the defender steps towards him. Keep the space. Unless the step forward is quicker than the swing

  14. Krav Maga is the Biggest Shit on Planet when you think its Work Your Done Boy..You get Killed …Bruce Lee Shows Us what we have to do …and nothing else …Train hard Every Day 5-6 times In a Week 4-6 Hours .in the Gym Weightlifting 2-3 Hours Boxing and Kicking and after that you trained Martial arts Real Martials Arts JEET KUNDO AND WING TSUN EBMAS…THIS IS THE REAL SHIT HOW IT WORKS…

  15. Krav Maga isn't about extended fighting, it's about taking out the assailant as quickly as possible with as few injuries as possible.

  16. This move is just bullshit. If you hit him that many times then he'll get mad and can do some serious damage. Duhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  17. Yea this is why they teach krav maga to all of the elite units across the world, its been proven in combat and then re-fined even further. This guy would definitely be effective in this scenario.

  18. Love reading all the comments from all those who have no idea about Krav Maga. There's more than one defence against a bat. They are not shown in this video, but they all work. It all depends on a situation.

  19. The trick to defending against a long blunt object is all about effective distance.  The batter can react to your movement, so you need to stay out of range until the opportunity to close the distance arrives.  You have to time it right, and this can only be learned through experience.  Unless he's an idiot, he will swing tight, fast, and close to the body.  EXPECT TO GET HIT as you are moving forward.  As long as you are past his effective range, it will not do serious damage.  Once you are close, there are a million things you could do, based on angles, momentum, and hand position.  What you need:  strong legs (recommended), speed (recommended), and the ability to recognize if a person is going to move forward or backward when he swings (required).

  20. The person holding the bat could just lift their elbow and hit you right in the face, stun you and then knock you out with the bat. The best technique is to just run like a bitch and pray to God they don't catch you 

  21. In all honesty, this move seems like bullshit. But I can't think of a reason it wouldn't work. Get in close, trap the arm, it's simple, but effective. The only hard part is countering your own instinct to lean back. Takes some balls to move forward toward the bat. 

  22. Don't wanna disrespect, after all this is just a demonstration, but sometimes people really need to point out that it is better to run than to fight back. A dude with a bat, like mentioned, would literally demolish you in his range. And yes, closing in is very smart, but please point out that the chance of this being successful is highly unlikely. I literally saw a video of some thug take on 6 or 7 guys with a bat, and win. All were trying to do the same thing. Rush him, disarm him, and beat him up.
    …They all failed.
    Imagine if this was someone who regularly trains in a weapons martial art like Kali? With basic footwork, they could very easily evade a rushing opponent.
    Once again I don't want to sound like some smart anus douche bag trying to correct people, especially because this is a demo, but please don't forget to mention this. It could essentially be very dangerous to attempt this, especially if you do not train.

  23. Wouldn't you just move inside the arc of the swing with a simple double Palm block??
    I don't see using the shoulder to check the move as being very practical,someone taller would simple swing over the shoulder check.

  24. Just get in close. Don't let the person wind up. Or when they are winding up close the distance. Or if they take a swing, as soon as the bat goes past you in the air, you're in on them. That's all you gotta remember. Basically jump them as quickly as possible at the first sign of even HAVING a bat.

  25. it's not bullshit the point of this is that it's a street fight meaning it can happen anywhere so you need a fast, simple and effective method . I can't think of a reason this wouldn't work

  26. OK, taking notes: 
    If a guy with a bat stands in front of you, close in, block his arm, kick his head, poke out one of his eyes, kick him in the balls, once on the ground continue kicking the hell out of him… until the umpire and the rest ot the team comes to tkae you out of the field….

  27. You can either choose to get too close or too far to get out of the attacking range of a bat. If you are facing the attacker, you need to turn before start running, whereas the attacker just need to charge forward to get you. If the attacker runs as fast as you do, s/he can keep you in the attack range and hit you while chasing. 

    On the other hand, if you charge forward, the reaction time from attacker might let you disarm him/her; but you need to train your judgement and movements by practise in real life to make the right call and excute the technique correctly when needed.

  28. This move is too risky. Something goes wrong or if you're too tired and you could get hit. Another way is to extent your left arm and try to grab the bat

  29. what if he backs up as he is swinging the bat? it's not like he will just stand there as you move in on him. would be common sense to side step backwards or whatever so you have enough range to hit your target?

  30. This move Will Work. I just watch a video where a road rage guy ran up & punched a guy (in the drivers side of van, window down) in the face a few times. The guy got out of the van w/a bat. The guy (who punched dude in face) tried TO RUN. The guy with bat threw the bat at him, knocked him down, & beat him with the bat a few times…so I'd definitely re-watch the video. Take notes. And be cool. Hell, be nice. Nice & cool impresses the ladies too. Good video.🤓👍🏼

  31. _____Holy crap! I was taught to use an arm to stop the blow. But goin' in with the shoulder? Sounds risky, but it looks friggin' effective! I guess the shoulder-charge also knocks the troublemaker off balance. All kinds of fun to be had after that.

  32. Tutorial del cazzo inutile e pericoloso … secondo te uno ti sta a 50 cm con la mazza da baseball ad una velocità di scarico elevatissima poi ? come tu vieni avanti io con la mazza un passo indietro e ti colpisco che non riesci nemmeno a vedere il colpo dove va ..Senza contare l'impredibilità che non deve essere per forza alla testa e fatto in orizzontale ma può essere sulle costole sull milza sulle gambe sugli stinchi o ginocchia ! se vuoi fare una prova vengo io a fare il tutorial con te e te lo dimostro perchè se uno ha la mazza è meglio fare dietro front e scappar via o al massimo se sei veramente abile e sicuro di quello che fai tenti la sforbiciata a mezzo ginocchio ma è sempre un rischio molto altro perchè il colpo non sai mai dove parte

  33. The concept and timing seem good but i think they need a different kind of entrance. If his partner were to follow through completely… there would have been waaay too much force. Most definitely DON'T want to get hit with the end but also definitely DON'T want to take the butt end or mid section of the weapon either. I would NOT try to brace the arms with only my right hand open and take my left arm as you see at exactly 1:00 in the video and put it under the bat just to give me leverage over it POST entrance as the guy has done… again… good concept but this under over entrance only works if you're effectively approaching from the 'dead' side of the opponent (the swinger's left side and catch the weapon WELL in time. For a more face to face encounter without being able to angle (as this example seems to show at first) i would put BOTH of my entering arms over this batter's swinging arms, ensuring my closure was flush and WAY more safe, not catching any follow through. You could still finish with gouge and elbow progression.

  34. To stop an attack by a baseball bat is beginners stuff in german Modern Arnis. Not these way just right here but with the same principle (move to the attacker etc). But more realistic and with really effective counters and disarm. A baseball bat is not that dangerous all people think. Its easy to defend against.

  35. Only problem is that if you do that and if the guy with the baseball bat has a working braincell, he can still push the grip into your neck in a millisecond and disable you.

  36. The comment section in this video seems confused.

    Maybe he did not mention it so explicitly, but the arm lock is not the only part of this move. It is accompanied by a simultaneous strike at the attacker's exposed face.

    Of course, if you simply grab someone's arm like that, they'll try to elbow/butt you if they are fast. But not if they've already taken a punch or two to the face.

    Remember to view this move holistically, in that this is merely the opener for a whole new sequence of attacks.

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  38. Movimento ERRADO, jamais faça a defesa com o ombro, tem que proteger a lateral do rosto com o braço, dobrando o braço esquerdo.

  39. Coming in with your shoulder and opposite hand like that is just ridiculous sorry. That bat would take your head off if thats how you were defending that particular strike. You need to charge in with 2 hands up in the direction of the strike then wrap up the bat and work to get control from there (expecting broken bones).
    You also need to be aware the strike may come to the side of the knee which you defend by raising the leg (taking the hit) closing and wrapping up the bat. Pad up and try this stuff before you post.

  40. In a lot of these videos, including this one, when you drive your fingers into attackers eyes you could simultaneously slam your foot into his kneecap but they never mention that.

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