Kumarappan batting

Kumarappan: Are you guys giving Soundar an over (bowl)? (indistinct chatter from kids in the field) Kumarappan: Hey! Your running style is not good man! Goutham George: Hey what are you doing? Here take it (kicking the ball) Amudhan: Hey! I’m capturing the video, be careful Kumarappan: Hey it’s a disturbance da, please move Fielders and Keepers yelling : it’s out Amudhan : Hey deadball dog, who gave him the over!? Soundarrajan : you only told man! Amudhan: I thought you’ll bowl well Amudhan : cancel this over guys.. Someone in the field: One ball has been bowled Gururaj : Tell him to bowl one proper delivery first Amudhan : (mocking tone) he is using a tennis ball only Kumarappan: Hey! how many overs are left? I’m wasting the balls Amudhan : yeah we’ve to score 59 runs from 20 balls Goutham :(yelling) Come on! Come on!! Soundar Goutham: Hey! Amudha(n), make him run-out Amudhan: I’m also capturing this video that he’ll hit some run.. but nothing Kumarappan: Aiyo! Aiyoo! Aiyooo! Aiyooo Soundar : Hey Goutham.. easy catch.. Gotham : easy catch?? I would’ve fallen down stepping the stone over there Amudhan : We’ll upload this in youtube Kumarappan: upload it to my Orkut account Amudhan : I’ll upload it in youtube and just share it in your orkut account Kumarappan : I don’t know these online stuff man. I don’t even know how to use Orkut Fielders : (exclaiming) hey no ball!!! Kumarappan : I don’t have the power to hit the ball hard Goutham: Howzzatt!! Catch it… Goutham : Hey ball.. ball.. ball Gururaj : Look Kumar’s catch has been dropped twice by the guys it went Kumarappan : that too a big catch.. Kumarappan : Aiyoo.. Mother of God!! Gotham: Yo! Dog…Hit me with the ball Soundarrajan: Hey I’ve bowled 4 deliveries only two left Kumarappan: Hey you’ve bowled only legal deliveries Kishor: He has bowled 4 balls, just ask the umpire Kumarappan : 4 balls!? When?? Kishor : Just ask Avinash Goutham :(yelling) Catch it Gururaj : Hey run quickly.. at least one run Goutham : hey throw the ball Amudhan: from now on let’s focus how Soundar is bowling Goutham : (calling) Hey! Hey!! Amudha(n)… (audio inaudible) Kumarappan: Hey! his running style itself looks creepy Gururaj : Run da.. Fielders shouting: hey ball. ball.. ball

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