Lace Bat Mask Using Makeup! [Easy Halloween Masquerade Makeup Tutorial]

Today I’m going to show you guys how to
do this simple lace mask makeup that can be accomplished with makeup that you
probably already have. I paired mine with some vampire fangs, but you can obviously wear this on its own as a simple family- and work-friendly look. The great thing
about this is that you can use any eye makeup that you want! I decided to go
with red eye shadow, so I’m starting with the red eye shadow in my crease and—
watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What else is new? Anyway, I’m blending that into my crease and I’m dragging it down a little bit onto my lid, then I’m going
back in with the darker shade and darkening the crease. I decided to add some purple eyeshadow
to this look, so I’m filling in my eyelid with a purple shadow and I’m adding some light purple iridescent shadow to the inner corner. After I’m done laying down the color, I
am highlighting the inner corner and my brow bone with Kat Von D’s metal crush
eyeshadow in the color ‘Thunderstruck.’ I also decided to drag some of that color
underneath my eyes, so I’m using the purple and the white colors and I’m
making an ombre towards the inner corner of my eye. It is evidently impossible for
me to do any makeup without a wing, so I’m using Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in
the color ‘Trooper’ and I’m adding a pretty dramatic wing. I’m using the fine
tip of this applicator to fill in as much as I can between my eye lashes, but I’m not going to be doing any liner on my waterline or tightlining because my
eyes are way too sensitive. I did this for a few pictures–but if you’re doing
this for a costume you should do that, maybe add some fake lashes, it’s up to
you. Also, I apologize for the view of my
extremely fluffy head…I am way too lazy to shave it, so…sorry!
Using a round brush, I’m going to start sketching out my bat in brown eyeshadow. This is going to serve both as a template and a shadow for the mask, to make it look a little bit more realistic. I’m starting out with the head of the
bat, which I am making by drawing a diamond with a rounded top, and then
I’m making a line off either side of the diamond down the sides of my nose and
curving it back up to my eyebrows. You obviously want this mask to be as
symmetrical as possible, so you’re going to repeat everything that you do on the
other side. To make this a little bit easier, I’m going to make reference
points for the tops of the wings. So this is where I’m going to make a curved line
up to the top of the wing, before bringing it back down on the side of my
face. The top of these lines are going to be overlapped with a black paint or
eyeliner, but the bottom needs to be blended pretty well into your skin. The
second dot for the outside part of the wing is going to be almost level with
the edge of our eye. Every time you make one of these reference points, make sure
you are making these dots on the other side of your face so that it will be
more symmetrical when you’re done. I decided to make three more dots–you want them to go in a diagonal line towards your mouth–and then I’m using curved
lines to make the webbing at the bottom of the wings. After the final lowest point, you’re
going to bring this curve up towards your eye, dip back down, and then connect it to the line that you made earlier on the bridge of your nose. You can see here I
made the mistake of not making the dots as I went, so I kind of had to freehand
as much as I could to make it symmetrical. After that, I’m going to go
back in to do the cutouts around the eyes. I didn’t want to leave too much space
around my eyes open because I wanted to add as much lace as I could, but I also
wanted to make sure that I covered my eyebrows, so I put it along the top of my
eyebrow and then brought the bottom to about a centimeter below my eye. I’m repeating every step on the other
side as I go. All of the points underneath your eye need to have a line
connecting them to the very top point, so these lines are going to give the
appearance of going through my eye (or over my eye), and the ones on the outside
you can draw a continuous line all the way to the top. You basically just want to make sure
that these lines lead generally towards that top point. On the middle of the mask I’m making a
small triangle facing downward on the bridge of my nose, and that line is going
to have to be blended out really well–so if you need to you, can use your finger
to blend it into your skin. You obviously have to give your bat ears, and I’m
making two rounded triangles for those. I decided that the bat was not fancy
enough, so I went back and added a few little scrolls on the outside of the bat.
Even that wasn’t enough, so I added some on the inside as well, to fill up some of
that space. It basically doesn’t matter what you do; you can place these wherever you want, just make sure that you’re doing this in the same places on the other
side. Once you’re happy with the amount of
lines, you can take a fluffy brush and just blend out a little bit of the
shadow. As I said, you want this to appear as a shadow underneath your lines, so
you’re going to make the black line a little bit above the brown. You can use a
gel liner–I happened to use a black body paint–but any black liner will work. Again, you have a lot of freedom with this mask to do as you please! I decided to make
some of the lines a little bit thicker, some thinner, just make sure that
everything is symmetrical with the other side of your mask. A tip for painting
over your eyebrow is to (instead of dragging the brush across the hair and
spreading the paint) lightly dab it on top. As you can see, I
am really taking my time with these lines to make them as clean as possible,
because it helps make the mask look real. It is really difficult to find a brush
that is as fine as this tattoo liner by Kat Von D, so I’m using this to do all of
the fine lace details. I also did it here to sketch out a design in the head of
the bat because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I went back and I
traced that with a thicker liner as well. Because I am never satisfied with my
work, I went back and I added a few more scrolls to each side. Once you’re satisfied with your design,
you can go back in with that same liner and start drawing parallel lines. I’m
making all of my lines radiating from the top of the wing. Once your entire mask is filled in with
these parallel lines, you’re going to go back in and start making the second
layer of lines. These are going to be perpendicular to the first. Again, to
continue these through your eyebrows, it’s easier to dab them than to drag it. Not
all of your lines will be perfectly perpendicular, but as long as they’re
close that’s fine! Once you’re done with the line work, you can go over the entire
thing with a dark gray eyeshadow. I just wanted to darken the skin behind the
mask a little bit more. I also did some contouring, put on some liquid lipstick–this is Anastasia Beverly Hills in the color ‘Vintage’–and threw in my Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. And that is all you need for this look! You can obviously do a
little bit less, a little bit more–it is up to you! Make sure that you do not have liquid lipstick on your vampire fangs, and if anyone has any tips for whitening
your fangs after you get them stained with fake blood…I’m all ears! Thanks for
watching, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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