1. I have no idea what to say on this but it’s hide and seek with TattleTale? TattleTale is kinda creepy. It’s a game to it could be.

  2. Main goal is a boy and it is a girl because one time I feel like sometimes the mango sounds like a boy sometimes make a sound like a girl because she has to head can you see 100 and the schools and in that’s a boy she’s a girl so so so she’s a boy and a girl

  3. just thinking of safety here, but perhaps using a lit candle for light while at risk of being jump scared is a bad, and potentially lethal, idea

  4. also Bendy is made out of ink, so if that message about "Wandering is a terrible sin" was written by him using his ink, then it would be the Toon equivalent of writing in blood.

  5. OK how did he like pineapples in the first

    You’re probably here for the answer right? Well I don’t know. I made you upset didn’t I? Haha I probably did

  6. Why is lolbit not there or Funtime foxy or bonet or baby or puppet or rock Chica or Funtime chica or balloroa or withered chica your kinda missing a lot of females and happy frog

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