Lake of the Woods Girls Hockey

My favourite sport is hockey. I love playing hockey. My favourite sport is hockey. Hockey. I just wanted to play. I don’t know why, it just looked fun. Hockey is my favourite. Hockey. Hockey. I love playing hockey. Hands down I’d have to say it’s hockey. Morning Maggie, time to get up. Time for
hockey. Here we are Sunday morning we’re getting
ready to go out and we’ll be out at the rink for the next, you know, three four
hours. I think that’s great to get out and it’s also really good for me to be able
to spend the quality time with the girls. Lake of the Woods Girls Hockey was
established in 1993 I was one of the first players back then. I was 16. I
started to play hockey when I was 3 years old. I was 4 years old when I
started playing girls hockey. I was 7 when I started to play hockey. Playing
hockey I feel like I gained a lot of confidence respect for my friends and
coaches. I’ve learned lots about teamwork and communication. Life isn’t easy so
often you have to practice and work hard to get to where you want to go. If we win
this period we’ll win the game ok? The third period is the biggest period. This
is what it’s about it’s your last home tournament. These are memories that you
built for a lifetime playing hockey. They get life lessons. They learn that in
the real world that you got to work as one. Everybody’s got to dig in if we want
to win this game. All right? Let’s go we can do this. I’ve learned a lot about
leadership, um, just like at a younger age like bringing other girls up when
they were down. We learned to work as a team. It really makes them come together and
accept everybody from a different background, from a different age group.
Well Marissa was 11 at the time. I guess after watching the Jets during the
playoffs came up to me said “Mom I want to play hockey”, I thought she’s never
played hockey before how do you start at 11 when kids have been playing since
they can walk. When you’re a team there’s no I in team, as everyone says, there’s
five other people out on the ice they were very supportive and they helped me. You’re like a family for that year. Hockey’s given me a lifelong friendships.
You feel it as a team when you win you win as a family and when you lose you
lose as a family. At one point she was like, “mom this is so much work” and I
thought well, those girls that have been doing it for years have worked really
hard as well and you’ll get there too. This is the puck from my first goal. Even her coach, he said to to her, “that’s what makes me love coaching”, because he saw her improvement. And starting from no experience and coming
in late and you could see that her teammates were really happy for her, so
it was really nice. Sometimes I think even the hockey is secondary. I think
there’s so much more than just the hockey aspect of it. I think that my
family is closer as a family because of hockey.
I’m friends with my whole hockey team. girls hockey rocks, because it does. That’s what
I want to play next year. It makes me feel that we’re positive role models to these
kids. The first word that comes to mind is team. Joy. Fun. Amazing. Teamwork. Fast. Memories. First word that comes to my mind when I think of girls hockey is friendship. You feel good? I feel great. I’m ready to go put some skates on.

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