Lance Stroll plays hockey with the Habs

Hey guys it’s Victor Mete, I’m here with Matthew Peca, X-Man, and McNiven, and we’re going to show Lance Stroll how to play some hockey. Let’s go! Let’s get a little game going? You want to play some like, two-on-two down low? Pardon? Play some like, two-on-two down low? Yeah, we can play goalie and posts, or something. Let’s do like three-on-three, no? We’ve only got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven… Yeah. Or we could just… Yeah, we’ll just clear the blues. So if you get possession, you…
– Yeah, we can do that. This is sick! Oh man, I feel… I feel like a defenseman. I feel like a defenseman. Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Where’s the siren? Where’s the siren? You got it, you got it, you got it. Oh! Oh! Yeah! Woo hoo! Saucy! I didn’t think I’d catch a pass on my backhand this early in the summer. The guy’s nuts. Skate with it. Oh, what a save! Oh! The GoPro! Right off his dome. It’s tied 1-1, so… Who should we put first? Who’s going first here? No pressure. Want to lead the way? Sure. So show us what you’ve got. I’ll break him in. Other way, other way. Oh! The little wind-up. I’m going to get a little momentum. Wayne Gretzky. Let’s get the practice lap in. The “no move” move! Yeah boys! Let’s go! I think that wins it all. We can’t follow that.
– That was totally intentional, I’m just saying. We can’t follow that. No kidding. I didn’t know he was Kucherov over here. I was planning on going right there, but the puck went left. Rookies pick up pucks, though. Yeah, you’ve got to pick up the pucks. Have fun. I’m just kidding. Hey, rookies pick up pucks. I know the drill. Thank you! There’s going to be a lot of editing to do on that mic. Just warning you. So, who wants to go first?
– Lance… Lance first. Oh yeah, he’s leading the boys out. Here we go. Here we go everybody, onto the ice. Everybody get in here. Yeah, he’s doing the lap. He’s doing it alone. He went alone the first lap. This guy’s nuts.

12 thoughts on “Lance Stroll plays hockey with the Habs

  1. This is Arnold; Yes I am proud to be Austrian …. Lets leave the arena with my CHOPPER and get some poutine in Quebec city.

  2. The Montreal Canadiens is the best hockey team in the world. If you try hard and work as a team, YOU WILL WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!!!! :). I cannot wait to meet the Montreal Canadians. I am your biggest fan!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Amazing birthday present: watching the Montreal Canadiens play.
    If I were to get THE BEST OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE AND GALAXY present, it would be to meet the Montreal Canadiens.

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