Landing safely on a paraglider (in valley wind)

cool so let me just show you this
Bagneres de Luchon and just give you a little briefing about what to watch out for.
this is a classic Mountain Valley-wind system. the plains are out there, the
mountains generate thermals and they pull the wind in towards the mountains.
the valley wind is pulling this way it’s going upstream, the river is down
there running that way, the wind’s coming this way.
places you got to be careful of: where that spine is, the wind is gonna slop
over the top and go down that slope. It will go up the slope on this side a
little bit. we’ve got some little spines here which you might be able to soar
safely, but this valley wind is gonna want to go run down there because there’s a gap at the end of the channel it’s gonna pull the wind in there and around the corner so
that’s the sort of place you really don’t want to be. that side is in the sun.
you might think “Ooh, Leeside, I can go to fly there” but this wind is going to come up
and it’s going to push down and go in around the corner so that’s a really bad
place to go. You need to fly around the front and come in on this slope over
here if you were gonna do that but at this time of day you can see the sun is now
on the West, these slopes are all shaded and the good side is over there but
given this valley wind you can’t really use that slope because the wind’s
running this way it’s gonna be falling down that slopre so the only place to go to would be over there – the valley wind is blowing up and it’s hitting a nice
little kicker and between that one and this one you should be able to work
around and play around over the town, and get some lift from the town itself. I’m just returning to check my penetration
speed here we turn into wind and sit like that before coming into landing. I’ve
got my hands up and I’m getting 15 kilometres an hour, 12 … 12 to 15 right now. my trim speed is 37 so if I’m only getting 12 that means I’ve got a 25
kilometer headwind. it doesn’t mean that I mustn’t drift back behind my
landing field much. I can also check that by pulling on the brakes and that should
get down to about zero… yeah about 5 km/h, hardly any forward speed. that’s a very comfortable speed for landing. I can check my landing field
there and I can see a windsock we’ve got a landing strip here for the glider
planes and the pattern here (for PG) is to stay this side of the field and S off your
height over the circle and then come in toward the big tree. that keeps us clear of the glider planes in their path so I’m just gonna chill here. I don’t want to go
downwind too early in case the valley wind is stronger at the bottom so I’m
keeping myself very close to the windsock while I’m
checking the wind and while I’m dropping down into the lower layers. checking my
penetration again. I’ve now got about 10 slightly more
wind as I’m coming down. 10 … 11 … 10-11 so this is a good approach I can very
easily go downwind if I need to but it’s very difficult to go upwind if the wind is strong. I can see the direction, the wind is pushing from the left, there is
gonna be a bit of turbulence on the field from the buildings so definitely don’t want to go downwind of the field now, I want to sit just over my final landing point. I’ve got 8, 9 km/h speed. 6. I’m going to use a bit of bar while
I’ve got the height and I don’t really worry about collapses. I can push myself
forward. I’m right forward, it gives me more options to play. there we go
and I’m in a good position I’ve got the little planes there behind me and I’m gonna back into this field. I expect turbulence down the bottom in the last little bit, so I want to be over the grass at that point. I’m just drifting slowly back
into the field keep an eye on the plane he’s about to go so I’ll keep myself here.
I’m gonna keep myself steady so he can see I’m not doing any movements. that’s funny he’s flown off without any
plane on tow. we’ll get a little bit of turbulence soon there’s a turbulence coming soon so get our legs down early Down and safe. what a lovely flight!

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