Last One Found Wins $10,000! Nerf Hide And Seek Challenge

then you’re throwing down we’re just
gonna hide in here don’t come down guys look at how sweet this is Shawn hey
bubble up and everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and
guys today is a brand new day and we are back home finally from sunny California
I was able to I want to say escape but Logan I had a lot of fun at Legos yeah
it looks like you had a lot of fun I mean I spend the entire day trying to
find you and you just went around Legoland having the time of your life
you did see our last vlog you will know that we were left with a pretty ominous
clue that winter is coming a lot of you guys have been saying you think the clue
means we have to survive in the winter or Arctic or somewhere cold and that’s
probably what’s gonna happen and today we are gonna be doing the most epic nerf
hide-and-go-seek battle ever because unlike ever before there is some serious
moolah on the line aka V fuck slowly the winner of today’s nerf hide-and-go-seek
challenge will receive 10,000 feet of slinging but that’s actually pretty good
it is insane Logan and whoever wins there’s no boat Logan Logan do not do
not know we’re not do without starting the game yet the game has not started
yet Logan can you put the gun down and if you like more of these Pappa Jake
versus Logan videos we have a brand new channel dedicated to that that we just
up it’s in the description down below go subscribe once we had 100,000 subs on
that channel we’ll be making new content so guys if you’ve never played a
Merrifield and go sweet before it’s fairly simple it’s hide-and-seek but
with nerf one person is hiding while the other person is seeking and the way that
you win the game is whoever shoots the other person first wins
so the hider actually has a chance to win if he’s able to outsmart the seeker
and shoot him first each one of us has a couple of minutes to go ahead and pick
our loadout before the game starts so that we can maximize our ability to win
we’ve got our massive load out of nerf guns every single one you’d want we’ve
got long-range we’ve got snipers we got shoutings why why do we have a
wrench well look at us because we’ve got our melee weapons over here over here
that you’ve got a ton of different attachments that you can add to your gun
ranging from flashlights laser pointers and most importantly Logan you need your
armor so we’ve got a ton of really cool stuff here you got like the mil spec
here we’ve got a ghillie suit extra padding knee pads
this is Spock we are ready to start now we are gonna be keeping score and the
winner does get 10,000 B bucks so I think we gotta go figure out who’s going
first Logan rock paper scissors to see who goes first
Papa Jake has never lost a game of rock-paper-scissors that’s a hashtag
fact you guys know what everyone knows it so here we go
rock paper scissors rock paper scissors oh never lose the game rock pears is
here you played me at home rock paper scissors fool bet I just beat all of you
guys comment down below if you lost but alright Logan well it looks like you’re
gonna be high in first and I am going to be seeking you so I’m gonna go inside
here and start counting down okay first things first we’re gonna go with the
Mega double-barrel shotgun so I already have a plan of where I’m gonna hide
definitely one of these melee weapons all I need for this round is a mask and
a couple of nerve darts all right guys let’s head downstairs so
while Logan is getting his loadout ready and going to hide I’m gonna be counting
down here but while I count down and wait for him to hide I wanted to show
you guys a really awesome new mobile game that I have been playing and a huge
shout-out to the sponsor of this video Ubisoft with their new game Assassin’s
Creed rebellion guys check this out assassin’s creed rebellion sponsored
this video with their brand new mobile game it’s so cool I know he’s fierce cuz
he’s taking down a lot of bad guys he’s also so cute and dude you can complete
awesome missions with a bunch of other assassins there’s like a ton of them to
collect and they all range in different rarities my favorite part about the game
though guys is as you’re playing you have a ton of different ways to play I
mean there are a lot of different options
go stealth you can go assassination or you go straight with brute strength and
every time you choose one of these different playstyles
there’s a chance that you might not actually complete the action which is
really cool but the sweet thing about that is if you want to upgrade your
assassin so you have a better chance of completing these skills you can actually
use your Brotherhood’s management feature to improve skills and
customization so check it out I have my Brotherhood here and I named it Poppa
Jake YouTube because Poppa Jake was already taken so whoever took it you
stole my Brotherhood my favorite part though is just how smooth the game is as
you’re running around – and some sweet assassinations but it’s also really cool
to use the different assassins because each one of them has their own unique
abilities and different playstyles so some might be way better at like
disarming traps while others are way better at well beating down and
assassinating the bad guys and at the end of the day dude I can’t get over how
cute these little dudes are look this game is a ton of fun guys and if you
want to download it and play it for yourself it’s completely free to play
I’ll have a link at the top of the description so click on over there
download the game it’s available in both the iTunes Store as well as the Google
Play Store start playing it now and start having some fun and if you do play
it let me know what your Brotherhood’s name is down in the comments below
alright so for this round I have a little trick up my sleeve so I’m gonna
turn on the steam room so when Jake comes downstairs he’s gonna hear
something I’d be like hmm I wonder what’s inside the steam room then a
bunch of steam is gonna come out I’m gonna hide in this closet
and then I’m gonna take them out all right guys well I think it’s time for us
to go ahead and start looking for Logan which means we need to go to the loadout
section and start getting our gear ready okay so I have no idea what Logan’s up
to or what he’s doing which means we should probably prepare with something
that is basic but can help us in all different circumstances alright so for
our blaster here I’m thinking about going for something short-range if I do
come across and I want to be able to get them really quick so maybe that should
do it the shotty now I don’t know about melee
weapon this time hem shaadi doesn’t take any
attachments so I might save those for when I’m hiding I think for this we just
need to go group force all the way I’m gonna get some upgraded gear though to
help us out with this I think we should go for the sneaky skull mask also maybe
let’s put on some fake tattoos you know so we can scare him while we’re looking
for them and then let’s get our military gear on I don’t know how long it’s gonna take
but I can already hear it okay three two one whoa here I come Logan where are you
I think he’s downstairs let’s go head downstairs you’re not winning that
10,000 bees ox buddy are you hiding I guess I can hear Jake walk here and
she’s probably gonna be coming soon so let’s get ready to attack oh I think I know where you are on one
goes to me Oh that was kind of smart and brilliant
I’m not gonna lie I’ve heard this I heard something in here yeah I think
those VBox are gonna be mine well it’s my turn now to go ahead and hide so why
don’t you go into the accounting section and wanna give me a chance to see if I
can get you also guys I just remembered in case you’re wondering why the house
is so messy and so much stuff is everywhere it’s because we’re moving I
mean we’re in the process of movie that’s why it’s messy but I think it’s
perfect right because it’s really hard to see anything well I guess it’s my
time to count and Jake’s turn to hide okay guys so Logan took the last round
but this round he is not gonna win all right the Papa Jake army is gonna
dominate him and I’ve got just the plan all right it’s a top secret plan hashtag
top secret for this round I have an idea I think we’re gonna ambush Logan by
using this is our advancement that’s from our zombie videos and I think I’m
gonna create a sniper loadout so that I can hide up there and while he walks by
we ambush him and take him out I’m also gonna add some upgrades to this bad boy
because I want it to be as good as possible so I think I’m gonna add a
tripod long-range sniper scope in alright here we go we’ve got our sniper
ready and now time for my gear there we go how do you guys can see me but I can
see you let’s go guys check it out look at how sweet my gooey students this is
the perfect loadout for near pie and seat alright now let’s go get in the
forks who only got a few more seconds before Logan starts to search now we
gotta be super quiet when he walks by if we can’t let him know we’re in here I’m
thinking we let him walk by like a few times so he doesn’t see us and then we
go up for the attack so we can’t actually attack him when he’s getting
his load up because that would be cheating so we’ll let him get his load
out maybe go downstairs or upstairs and then when he walks back here when he
can’t find us that’s when we’ll get him for now let’s just lay low alright Jake
is done hiding and what are we gonna choose first I’m gonna put on this
tactical death next I’m gonna go for this modded nerf gun and he’s pretty
souped up I don’t think we need any attachments all we need is some darts
taking extra just in case alright and we are good to go find you Oh Jake where
are you buddy yeah yeah here I guess wrong position so
when he comes back upstairs we’ll get him alright doesn’t seem to be
in here are you and yet no we’re here guys I hear something wait guys I think
I just heard Jake upstairs the Papa Jake army won this one G got me really stand
there man you’re like super camouflage well it’s currently tie game which means
we got to move on to the next round I’m gonna go ahead and go to the Seekers
quarters well Logan is up to hide Jake you’re going down
those V bucks are mine okay so for this round I’m gonna use the suppressed SMG
as well as a nerf sword just in case things get close-combat
for this round I have a couple tricks up my sleeve let’s head downstairs and
we’re gonna set up a little surprise for Jake all right guys I’m gonna be hiding
in this fort over here but I’m gonna have this okay so when Jake’s at this
door I’m gonna get him with this a nerve tape on top of the nerf tank I’m gonna
use the saran wrap to cover this door and really confuse Jake
here is the nerf turret pointed exactly at this door so when he comes he’s gonna
be like wait what how do I get through and then use the nerf tank to take him
out getting the nerf turret in position oh
yeah that’s gonna be perfect we got some of my Gilley’s stuff on so I’m probably
just gonna leave it but for our blaster gonna be a hard pick hmm what’d he do
something crazy where if we can’t like two blasters this time guys I think I
just noticed something I think Logan took a melee weapon he’s up to something
he’s up to something okay all right you know he’s thinking melee weapons a word
taking melee weapons so I think I’m gonna grab the compacts or because this
thing unfolds like so into a fully working sword and for my blaster I think
I’m gonna take one of these and it might look right now like it’s just a normal
pistol but we can actually upgrade this to an extreme weapon to take note now ready they got Logan got a shield at
the front got a long scope even got a flashlight in my stock acts as an extra
emergency shot so I just put this in here and if I ever need to use it I can
detach it and it works as a pistol I think for this I’m gonna go for the full
face mask here using the ant-man mask and there we go guys I got my entire
outfit on I got the kneepads down below and the ant-man mask which also has a
magnification feature for fighting Logan guys I assume you know if I turn off the
lights Hey oh yeah you’re not getting those
10,000 VBox buddy so I just come out make your move already
yeah all right Logan is up to something why is this door covered in saran wrap today cam did I get you dip but that
doesn’t count you got to get me to the guy you’re sneaky what do you mean it
doesn’t count why not oh then you’re throwing down time for
Plan B guys I’m out of ammo looks like this game is over that was intense
well it looks like Papa Jake has officially won the 10,000 v buck so
Logan I will be taking the 10,000 V box from you and going to buy a bunch of
skins tonight oh man I really thought I was gonna win well guys there’s plenty
more opportunities to do so if you think we should do more challenges like this
where we put something on the line like V bucks leave a comment down below as
well as smash that subscribe button and that like button if you guys have not
already and let us know what your favorite part of this epic nerf
hide-and-go-seek was again though big thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this
video make sure to go check out Assassin’s Creed rebellion link is in
the description down below but this has been Papa Jake and I will see all of you
guys next time for another awesome video

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