Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Mat

In this clip I am showing you the mat. It
is twenty-four inches long by fourteen inches wide. It is placed on the center line of our
rink. It has to be six foot six inches from the trench. The mat is placed on the ground,
on the center line, so that everybody on both teams starts from the same position. The mat
will only change if I were to misplace the jack on rolling, if it was too short or out
of bounds the mat would be given to my opponent to set. He would set the mat where he wanted
and the game proceeds from there. If the second person misplaces the jack then the skip will
place the jack six foot six inches from the trench, but the original jack thrower can
then move that mat anywhere from six foot six inches out to what we call the hog line.
The hog line is the furthest out. It gives you a marking from each end how far your jack
must travel to be legal. The first hog line is as far as your mat can go out, which is
the seventy-seven; seventy point nine from the other end. Your mat has to be out six
foot six inches from the trench or it can go out as far as the imaginary line that crosses
from the hog.

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