LBW(Life Between Wickets) Short Film || With Subtitles || BY THE UNHEARD TEAM ||

It won’t work dude..leave Is that today’s match? Yeah He’s playing very slow.. Wait for 2 minutes, He’ll play.. Even a bowler bats better than him.. Get the pads and go play.. You’ll come to know If he can’t play then he can get out noo…just waste of time. There’s a fight dude…Come fast! Stop it! What happening here? Cricket matter bro. If it is so, then play a match. Yeah let’s play.. Which ball shall we play with? We’ll play with hard tennis.. What happened? you guys made a scene for small matter… Leave it bro. We’ll see it in the match. See what he’s doing having a match tomorrow… Aditi, Can u give your maths book? Your handwriting is as beautiful as you.. How you’re able to write so well? There’s a magic here.. Something is in your hand.. Just a minute okay.. Flirting so well dude..! That’s a talent bro Ask him to turn off the AC Remote is not working properly, sorry bro What happened? It’s so cool chethan,can you turn off the AC? just a second How you’re so beautiful? It takes a lot of time to like a girl. But I liked u very soon. I’ve been searching for my dream girl. I got her now, what do u say? You’re acting too smart,stop it..! What happened? There was a fight it seems.. Actually,What happened is… ….this! Oh my god! So much of destruction in 2 days.. Ok, when is the match? tomorrow.. Heads.. You won the toss. Batting!!! How dare you ! Oh noo.. Too much of Violence, Let’s go back What’s up..What’s up my rowdy boys and girls! I’ll go for hitting, you have to stay.. Have to win this match for sure.. First remove those goggles,then u can see the world.. First you remove those bloody goggles.. See you fought so much to make 11 members win A Cricketer has to play for 1.3billion people of our country Getting selected into the team is not easy. So respect them.Don’t fight.

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